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Batman Forever was released in 1995

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Q: What year did Batman forever come out?
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What is the duration of Batman Forever?

The duration of Batman Forever is 2.03 hours.

When was Batman Forever created?

Batman Forever was created on 1995-06-16.

When was Batman Forever - soundtrack - created?

Batman Forever - soundtrack - was created in 1994.

Batman film starred Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face?

Batman Forever (1995)

Which one came before Batman forever or Batman and robin?

Batman forever came out in 1995 and was followed by the abysmal Batman and Robin in 1997

Which Batman was jm carrey in?

Batman Forever.

Who played Batman forever?

Val Kilmer played Batman in the movie "Batman Forever," which was released in 1995.

Who acted as batman in batman forever?

Val Kilmer

What is batman 3 going to be called?

Batman Forever

Who played batman in batman forever?

Val kilmer

Which Batman film did Batman meet robin?

batman forever made in 1997

How much money did Batman Forever gross domestically?

Batman Forever grossed $184,031,112 in the domestic market.