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Andre stopped Wrestling in 1991,Then in 93 he died

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Q: What year did Andre the giant stop wrestling?
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What year was Andre the giant born?

Andre The Giant (Andre Roussimoff) died January 27,1993 in Coulommiers, France in his hotel room. He was 46 years old.

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Jorge 'Giant' Gonzalez was famous for being a professional WWE wrestler. Jorge Gonzalez started his professional wrestling career in the year 1990 and retired in the year 1995.

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Harley Race, in fact did body slam Andre the Giant in October of 1978, way before Hulk Hogan slammed him at Wrestlemania.

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One might wonder what kind of film Trading Mom is. Trading Mom is a fantasy and comedy film that was created in the year 1994 that stars the famous Andre the Giant and Anna Chlumsky.

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wrestling is an all year sport.

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