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Savage Gate but it doesnt exist

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Q: What xbox game was Dr. house playing with Dr. foreman?
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How can you yous Xbox codes with Xbox game that your playing on a Xbox360?

Go to

How do you I Xbox game saves to Xbox?

First you need a hard drive or a memory unit then when playing a game check in-game instructions.

Can you invite a friend to a game on xbox 360 even though they don't have the game?

You can invite players to a game on xbox live whether or not they are playing the game. They must have the game (and an xbox live subscription) to actually join you and play the game, however.

Can leaving your xbox 360 game after playing it in your xbox 360 wreck the game?

Well, I leave my games in there sometimes, and it doesn't do anything, But I know from experience that, DO NOT move your xbox 360 with a game inside, or it will ruin it!

How do you put music on the Xbox to play when your playing your games?

Well, first off, not all games allow you to play your music whilst playing the game. yes, whilst is a word. anyway, you need to put the CD in the XBox, then burn it to the hardrive, then you put in the game, and depending on what game you are playing, you should be able to play the game and listen to the music from your XBox.

Why does your xbox 360 make noises?

Because your probably playing a game...

How do you make an XBox 360 in Little Alchemy?

House+computer makes an XBox 360 on Little Alchemy.

What is driving a car similar to?

Playing a car game Xbox 360 or PlayStation

Why is the gta san adreas from the Xbox live originals not working properly on the Xbox 360?

as far as i know that only problem that there is, is when you are playing a arcade game it will sign you out of xbox live this is a problem with any xbox original game they all do the same thing

Who is repede?

If you are talking about a video game, then Repede is a dog in Tales of Vesperia, an Xbox 360 role-playing game.

If your Xbox 360 falls when playing a game and it get scratched can you still get the game fixed?

yes take is to the shop and die

Would you rather get a ps3 or xbox 360?

xbox I would rather get a blu ray playing, free online game play, video game system. PS3 for sure.