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The real name of the wrestler who was known as Chyna Doll is Joan Marie Laurer. She was born in 1970 and first rose to prominence in the year of 1997. However, she left WWF in 2001 and has only wrestled occasionally since.

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Q: What wrestler was known as Chyna Doll?
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What is the real name of the female wrestler known as Chyna?

Joanie Laurer from Rochester, New York is the real name of the female wrestler in the former "World Wrestling Federation" known to the public as Chyna.

What is wrestler Chynas last name?

Her ring name is Chyna Doll - her real name is Joan Marie Laurer

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Was the wrestler joanie laurer born a man?

No she was born a woman and Joanie Laurer is her birth name although she does go by Chyna Doll as well.

When was Chyna Doll - album - created?

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No, Chyna is not dead.

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No she is not dead. She was recently on Surreal Life Fame Games.

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