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A. Matriarch

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Q: What would the oldest women in a family be called?
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Would you rather be the youngest or oldest in your family?

I rather be youngest because both parents love the youngest than the oldest.

What is the oldest age red magazine aimed at?

It is aimed at women above the age of 30 The women who would be uninterested in "RED" magazine would be of the age 60-70

Besides field work what responsibilities did plains women have?

Besides hardwork on the farm women would make clothing for themselves and other family members.They would take care of the children in the family.

Who makes dinner in a french family?

usually the women make the dinner for the family but on special occasions the men would maybe set the table or if they are really nice then they would help the women and the children would always help

Who made the decisions in an Elizabethan family?

During the Elizabethan era, the Paterfamilias (father or oldest male) would be the head of the family.

The liking of obese women is called?

This would be called Fat Fetishism

Whose first responsibility if mother is ill daughter or daughter in law?

I would believe the oldest daughter in the family or son.

What does oldest mean?

Oldest means older than anyone else. If you use it in a family for instance, you could say oldest child, or oldest cousin/grandchild... so that would be the child of a specific set of parents who was born first, or the first grandchild of a specific set of grandparents that was born first.

What was the role of women in the fur trade?

Women would use the furs, and make them into things for their family, such as clothes, carpets, etc.

Who was the oldest child in the proud family?

If you are talking about the Disney Show, the eldest would be the main character Penny Proud

What term refers to the right of the firstborn son to the family's material and spiritual possessions?

in the old days the firstborn of every family would get everything their parent's had after they died but if the daughter was the oldest they would skip over her and give it to the boy

What are the essential organs of reproduction in men and women called?

In men, the essential organs of reproduction are called the testes, which produce sperm and the hormone testosterone. In women, the essential organs of reproduction are called the ovaries, which produce eggs and the hormones estrogen and progesterone.