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Q: What words contributes least to Linton's current status?
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Which area do you believe contributes the least Why?

Which area do you believe contributes the least? Why?

Which status least qualifies as a master status?


Are any current actions being taken to improve the chances of survival of the Bald Eagle?

The Bald Eagle's current status (March 2011) is "Least Concern". That means the existing steps will continue with no additional steps taken.

What is the status of the black mamba?

The conservation status of the Black Mamba is 'Least Concern'.

What is the conservation status of humans?

Least Concern

What is a bottlenose dolphins status?

Least Concern.

Is the Pademelon endangered?

There are seven different subspecies of Pademelon, they are listed by the IUCN Red List, or the International Union of Conservation for Nature as follows;Tasmanian Pademelon - status: Least ConcernNew Guinea or Brown's Pademelon - status: VulnerableDusky Pademelon - status: VulnerableCalaby's Pademelon - status: EndangeredMountain Pademelon - status: EndangeredRed-legged Pademelon - status: Least ConcernRed-necked Pademelon - status: Least ConcernFor more details, please see the sites listed below.

What is the status of a kingfisher?

The status of kingfishers ranges from least concern to moderate concern, depending on the species.

What are the wolf's current status in the wild?

The Gray wolf (most common) is not a concern, as far as being endangered. It depends. While some species of wolf are least concern others are critically endangered.

What is the current status of the wombat?

The conservation status of the northern hairy-nosed wombat is Critically Endangered, whilst the common wombat and the southern hairy-nosed wombat species are not threatened. The Common Wombat is listed showing a status of "least concern" with a population trend of "stable". The Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat is also listed, with a status of "least concern" but with a population trend of "unknown".

What are the killer whale status?

Least concern by the IUCN.

What is the conservation status of the feather tail glider?

In 2010, the conservation status of the feathertail glider is Least concern.