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Flak is an acronym which derived from a classic German compound word Flieger Abwehr Kanone (anti-aircraft gun). Now it's commonly used as e.g. intense adverse criticism.

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Q: What word is Flak derived from?
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What in the world is a flak cannon?

A flak cannon is an anti-aircraft gun, the word 'flak' being derived from the German 'Fliegerabwehrkanone', or 'aircraft defence cannon'.

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What is a flak and how is it used?

For some reason the word flak was used during WWII as the name for the exploding shells fired from anti-aircraft guns. Catching some flak meant literally being under fire. Bullet proof vests are/were sometimes referred to as flak jackets, as similar types of equipment were once used to protect people from the fragments from the AA shells.

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Which commonly used word was the German acronym for anti-aircraft fire in World War 2?