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two problems faced were the drought and food stortage

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Q: What were two problems Jamestown faced?
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What are 2 problems they faced by the Jamestown settlers?

At staving time, wnen they had no family and also when they had to look for gold.

What Three problems the Jamestown colony faced after 1607?

Because A Disatrous Start, Starvation and Recovery, and A Profitable Crop.

What problems are faced by two brothers?

Please be specific with your question. To what two brothers are you referring?

What are two problems the early colony's faced?

Running out of food and the provision of shelter.

What did Jamestown claim?

The colonists at Jamestown, the second English colony in what would later become the United States, faced a slew of fatal problems. A prolonged drought that made growing food crops and finding fresh water difficult led to starvation and the drinking of contaminated water,

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