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Ralph tried to decide which option was best, either climb a tree and hope not to be spotted, burst through the line of hunters or hide and hope that they would pass without finding him.

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Q: What were the three strategies that Ralph had for escaping the hunters in Lord of the Flies?
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What dichotomy does Piggy point out to the hunters in Lord of the Flies?

That Ralph is still chief.

Who says the hunters are just boys armed with sticks in Lord of the Flies?


How does Ralph characterize jack's hunters in chapter 8 the load flies?

He says they are "boys with sticks."

Why does jack scream that Ralph thinks his hunters are no good in the lord of the flies?

Because he's a troll

Who accompanies jack to steal the fire from ralph?

In Chapter 8 of "Lord of the Flies", Jack and his hunters in face paint, steal fire for Ralph and Piggy.

What consolation is offered to the loser lord of flies?

When the boys elect Ralph as leader, in favour of Jack, Ralph puts Jack in charge of the choir and asks him what he would like them to be. Jack replies, "Hunters."

Who assumed the role of Chief in Lord of the Flies?

Ralph is elected as the chief but Jack assumes the role of chief of the hunters.

Who is the protagonist in the lord of flies?

The main characters of Lord of the Flies are Ralph, Simon, Jack, The Hunters, Piggy, and Samneric. The other characters are The littleluns, Maurice, Robert, Percival Wemys Madison, Johnny, and Henry.

What are Ralph's opposition's strategies for getting him out of the thicket?

Jack and his hunters try two strategies. Jack first had a boulder from the top of castle rock sent crashing into the thicket with the intention of either killing Ralph or driving him out of hiding. When this failed Jack then lit a fire, hoping to smoke Ralph out of the thicket.

Who are the others in chapter 10 of Lord of the Flies?

Jack refers to the boys who have not joined his group of hunters as either "the others" or as "Ralph's lot."

In lord of the flies why is Ralph unimpressed by the news that the hunters killed a pig?

Ralph is unimpressed because he lost his chance to signal a boat. While the hunters were hunting the pig, Ralph saw a ship on the horizon, but the twins and jack, all responsible for watching the fire, were hunting and no one was on the mountain to keep the fire going.

What happens when Ralph wounds the boar in chapter 7 of Lord of the Flies?

In Chapter 4 of "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding, Ralph is mad at Jack because the hunters were supposed to maintain the signal fire. The hunters barely hear or react to Ralph's tongue lashing, more distracted by the joy that they actually caught a pig.