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Round 01 - Uchiha Sasuke
Round 02 - Aburame Shino
Round 03 - Kankuro
Round 04 - Haruno Sakura
Round 05 - Temari
Round 06 - Nara Shikamaru
Round 07 - Uzumaki Naruto
Round 08 - Hyuuga Neji
Round 09 - Gaara
Round 10 - Dosu Kinuta Fought With:
vs. Akado Yoroi
vs. Zaku Abumi
vs. Tsurugu Misumi
vs. Yamanaka Ino
vs. Tenten
vs. Kin Tsuchi
vs. Inuzuka Kiba
vs. Hyuuga Hinata
vs. Rock Lee
vs. Akimichi Chouji

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Q: What were the preliminary fights in Chuunin Exams?
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Do Naruto and Gaara fight in Naruto?

Yes they do, during the Chuunin Exams. incorrect officiall they don't fight in chuunin exams they fight after operation destroy the leaf comes into effect.

Why didn't Naruto become a chuunin?

He failed the chuunin exams the first time and afterwards he didn't because he was traveling with ero-sensei for 2 1/2 years when everyone else became a chuunin.

What episode does Lee start liking Sakura?

On the first day of the Chuunin exams when they meet

How do you get cursed mark saskue?

Sasuke gets bitten on the neck by Orochimaru before the Chuunin Preliminary rounds.

How often do the chuunin exams in Naruto occur?

i think its every 4 years but I'm not sure

Who did chouji face in the chuunin exams?

He fought the guy from sound. (sorry i can't be more specific than that)

Can you skip preliminary and grade 1 exams?


When does Naruto become a chunnin?

He hasn't become a Chuunin yet; he is still a genin, though his abilities prove otherwise. This is due to the fact that while training with Jiraiya during the timeskip, he missed the Chuunin exams. Also, he failed to become a Chuunin during the pre-Shippuden anime series.

How to get chuunin in Naruto arena?

You must be recommended by your sensei and have to have completed at least 20 missions I believe. Then you have to take a series of exams. In Naruto, he must take a test to see how well you can cheat, then he had to survive the Forest of Death and retrieve two scrolls, then there were preliminary fights, then the actual third round tournament. Chunin status was determined by the Hokage and the proctors.

Hinata Hyuuga developed a technique in the anime after the Chuunin exams What is this technique called?

8 tri-grams 64 palms

Does Neji have any emotions?

Yes he does, he had emotions about destiny and reacted with tears about what Naruto had said during their battle in the Chuunin Exams.

Why Does naruto think Hinata is weird?

At first he did, but during the Chuunin exams he started to respect and like her for her determination when fighting Neji.