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You must be a kid if you're asking this, in which case the answer would be: You'll understand when you're older. I am an adult and just want to improve my understanding of the world not only of Harry Potter but my own also.And help improve my academic leaerning.

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Q: What were the political undertones in Harry Potter novels that adults understand and kids dont?
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What are the political undertones in Harry Potter that adults understand and kids dont?

There'sprejudice throughout the Harry Potter series. There is prejudice against house- elves, centaurs, squibs and most importantly muggleborns. One of the many reasons why Voldemort is painted as such a menacing character is because of his thoughts and actions on muggles. There are numerous scenes where muggles are horribly treated. For example, Hermione is constantly judged even though she's the smartest witch her age. Or in the Goblet of Fire where a muggle family is ridiculed by death eaters. Muggles were seen as 'beasts' more than 'beings'.

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