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Eleanor of Aquitaine's kids were

Marie(female)- to Louis

Henry(male), Matilda(female) , Richard(male), , Jeffrey(male) , Eleanor(female), Joan(female) and John (male)- to Henry

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Q: What were the names of Eleanor of aquitaine kids?
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What were the names of Eleanor of Aquitaine's sons?

Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II had eight children: five sons (William, Richard, Henry, Geoffrey and John) and three daughters (Mathilda, Eleanor and Joan).

What country was Eleanor of Aquitaine born in?

Surprisingly, Eleanor of Aquitaine was born in Aquitaine! It's part of Southwestern France.

How many kids did Eleanor of Aquitaine have?

she had 10 children. 2 with Louis and 8 with Henry

What was Eleanor of Aquitaine mother's name?

Eleanor Of Aquitaine's mother's name was Aénor of Châtellerault.

What are the names of Eleanor of aquitaine's siblings?

Petronilla was 18 months younger than her and William was the youngest.

Where did Eleanor of Aquitaine originally come?

She was from Aquitaine in southern France.

Who is the mother of Eleanor of Aquitaine?

Aénor of Châtellerault, Duchess of Aquitaine.

Where was Eleanor born?

when was princess Eleanor of Aquitaine born

Speech about Eleanor of aquitaine?

Eleanor of aquitaine lived for 82 years [born 112 died 1204] had 10 children

What castle was Eleanor of Aquitaine imprissoned in by King Henry?

Eleanor of Aquitaine was imprisoned in Old Sarum in 1174 by King Henry

How many sons of Eleanor of Aquitaine became kings?

Eleanor of Aquitaine's sons, Richard the Lionheart and John Lackland, became King of England.

What were Eleanor of Aquitaine's achievements?

Eleanor was born to be a leader. when she grew up she become queen of Paris,France. she had 10 kids all together. 2 with Louis , and 8 with Henry .