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he worked at MacDonald's in Colorado, and he worked a grain elevator in South Dakota

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Q: What were the jobs that chris mccandless had?
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What movie is based from the adventures of Chris McCandless?

The movie Chris McCandless was based off an Old book written by Chris McCandless himself, it was an autobiography about being the son of an Irish Immigrant candle maker and the heroic tale about how with his fathers candles he was able to save his town from some very bad men.

What charity did Chris Mccandless give all his money to?

give his money in the people who are poor

How old is Christopher McCandless?

Wilderness hiker Christopher McCandless (aka Alexander Supertramp) was 24 years old when he died in August, 1992. He starved to death and his body was found on September 6, 1992. (birthdate February 12, 1968)

What actors and actresses appeared in Adventure in Dairyland - 1956?

The cast of Adventure in Dairyland - 1956 includes: Kevin Corcoran as Moochie McCandless (1956) Marilu Delmonte as Linda McCandless (1956) Walt Disney as Himself (1956) Annette Funicello as Herself (1956) Glen Graber as Jimmy McCandless (1956) Herb Newcombe as Mr. McCandless (1956) Sammy Ogg as Himself (1956) Fern Persons as Mrs. McCandless (1956) Ernst Zentner as Pauli (1956)

How is Carl McCunn Similarity to McCandless?

McCunn Vs. McCandless Similarities 1.Both brought guns with them to Alaska. 2. Both took pictures of wildlife, for different reasons however. 3. Both seemed to live very normal and typical lives of the average teenager and student and then drop everything. 4. Both tried to send for an S.O.S. when they knew they were about to die and both failed. 5. Both kept journals. Differences 1. McCunn wanted to bring a women with him into Alaska to spend time with out in nature but Chris wanted to go to spend time alone away from society and other people. Chris also never talked about having a girlfriend or never really showed the desire to have one. 2. McCunn was more afraid of death then Chris. McCunn writes about his fear whereas Chris doesn't write about fearing death even though he knows it is approaching quickly in his last journal entries. 3. McCunn was starving and ended up committing suicide by shooting himself in the head. McCandless dies of starvation. 4. Chris did not go to Alaska expecting someone to be there to help him if something went wrong or if he needed to get out of there. He depended on himself and had no expectations of others. McCunn expected that someone would always be there to save him. 5. McCunn did not intend on going into nature to try and survive on his own or stay there together he just wanted to capture pictures of the wildlife and then leave.