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Q: What were the Fashions and fads of 1989?
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What were popular fads and fashions in 1998?

my but crack, that's what!

What is a alternative purpose for fads and fashions?

Supper man

What were the fads and fashions in 1900-1910?

teddy bears!

What is fashions that are popular for a short time?

Fashion trends that are popular for a short amount of time are called fads. Fads tend to pick up popularity quickly, but also tend to end just as fast.

Who are the 2 most popular celebs on the planet?

The most popular celebrity will change over time as fashions and fads change. Many would say present TV, move and pop stars.

How fads become fads?

When alot of people do, or wear specific things, then those things become fads.

What are the different types of fads?

Different types of fads include fashion fads (e.g. bell-bottom jeans), beauty fads (e.g. feather hair extensions), technology fads (e.g. fidget spinners), and food fads (e.g. cronuts). These trends often gain popularity quickly but fade out just as fast.

What is faddism?

faddism is a A disposition to take up with fads; a fondness for fads.

What are fashion fads?

Fashion fads are certain styles and and articles or clothing that are in or out

What is a fashion name?

Buttafly Fashions; Firefly Fashions; Catapilla Fashions;

What were the fashion fads in 1998?

There were several fashion fads in 1998 for both men and women. A few of the fads were crop tops, pastel colors, military clothing, and yoga pants.

Were dreamcatchers fads in the 1970s?

No, dreamcatchers were not fads in the 1970s because they was used in the age of the Ancient Americas, not the 1970s.