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Q: What were some famous songs by Marian Anderson?
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What are some of Marian Anderson's songs she wrote herself?

1she got swag 2 .asia is crazy 3 zaykia is ghetto

Who sings deep river?

Many people have sung this song. It is an African spiritual. Some of the more famous singers are Julian Joseph and Marian Anderson.

What are some good questions to ask Marian Anderson?

Did your dad die of a sickness?

What are some character traits for Marian Anderson?

don't listen to answers

What year was Marian Anderson born?

Ms.Anderson was born in the year 1897.But some people think otherwhise.

What are some of Sweden's famous songs?

ABBA songs

What are some most famous German Songs?

Some of the most famous German Songs are Juli and Sibermond. Other famous German Songs are Wolfgame Ambros, The Spider Murphy Gang, Rosenstolz and In Extremo.

Is there an error in the following sentence Marian Anderson the first black person employed as a member of the Metropolitan opera was born February 17 1902?

You're missing some commas. Marian Anderson, the first black person employed as a member of the Metropolitan opera, was born on February 17, 1902.

What are some songs about like the famous life?

some famous people want to brag

What are some of the most famous Mighty Might Bosstones songs?

There have been many famous Mighty Might Bosstones songs. Some of the most famous songs include 'The Impression That I Get', 'Detroit Rock City' and 'The Rascal King'.

What are some famous songs of Blancmange?

Some famous songs that Blancmange owns are "Feel Me", "The Day Before You Came", "What's Your Problem?", and many other songs that you can find by looking them up.

What are the famous songs that have binary forms?

There are some famous songs that use this form in them. Some of the examples include "Dig Me," "Minimalism," "A Horse With No Name" and "The Enigmatic."