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Hey..I've been looking for this answer for a long time but I finally found it.. When Bella is walking down the aisle the song playing is "Turning Page" by Sleeping at Last..And when they're saying their vows the song playing is "Flightless Bird/American Mouth" By Iron and Wine..

Hope this helps =D

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Q: What wedding march is used in breaking dawn?
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Does Bella Swan have an eating disorder because it says in the the Twilight books that she avoids eating by playing with her food hiding it in napkins etc?

nope! if you read the books, she cooks for her father charlie. she makes him hamburgers, steak, ect. i am curious, what makes you say this?AnswerNot at all. Neither the character nor the actor (Kristen Stewart) have an eating disorder. As clearly stated above, Bella cooks a variety of foods for her father and there are also scenes in the movie of her eating at the diner. (Twilight, not New Moon). Kristen Stewart is just naturally thin, and the make up used to increase her paleness for the character makes her seem thinner and more gaunt, possibly creating the person of someone suffering from an eating disorder. She doesn't technically have an eating disorder but she skips a lot of meals/ pushes her food around and doesn't eat it. in one bit (either twilight or breaking dawn, can't remember which) she skips breakfast and skips lunch. however this could be down to anxiety, not an actual eating disorder

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calibri More like Goudy, known also as Goudy Old Style.

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You can find the first chapter of Breaking Dawn on Stephenie Meyer's website. Or at least you used to be able to. Just remember it is unedited and not finished, so there are bound to be mistakes.

What does beta mean in Breaking Dawn?

'Beta' was a term used by Leah Clearwater for the Alpha's second-in-command.

What color is used to describe charleys tux in the book breaking dawn?

pale gray :) but in the movie it is black

What font is used on Alice's message-the one she gives to Sam Uley in Breaking Dawn?

It is not known what font is used it is just in Alices own hand writing that the note was written in

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Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn they are written in the 'Zephyr' font (for sum extra info!)

What are the complex sentences used in breaking dawn?

There are no complex sentences used in breaking dawn. The book was rated 4.4, as in children from grade 4 (9-10 yrs old) could comprehend the simplicity of the "story" fully. Meyers also attempts "sassy" vocabulary with words like "chagrin" but fails to produce any "complex" sentences, let alone proper sentence structure.

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the wedding

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