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Please reply to tell me if the links do not work.

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Don't work😰😰
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Q: What website has prince of tennis 2 episode 14 currently that is anime?
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What episode of prince of tennis were they playing basketball?

Episode 49.

Is there a season 2 of The Prince of Tennis?

Yes. Season Two begins from Episode 27 (Karupin's Adventure), and goes until Episode 52 (Seigaku's biggest crisis). The original series Prince of Tennis manga has finished. There's also a New Prince of Tennis, a sequel to the original Prince of Tennis. However, the filming for the first season of the anime has been complete, but the second season has yet to have its released date announced. The New Prince of Tennis manga is still ongoing. Currently at 100 chapters in Japan.

What episode did eiji in prince of tennis?

He appears in the second episode towards the end.

Which prince of tennis episode is about ryoma playing a match with hiyoshi?

Episode 68

What episode does Shishido cut his hair?

If you are talking about Prince of Tennis, it is episode 54.

Prince of tennis episode 51 English dub?

the prince of tennis got canceled in the USA after 50 episodes ther isn't any episode 51 in English

Is OVA 26 the last episode of Prince of Tennis?

yeah in the anime but the manga continues new prince of tennis at

What website can you watch prince of tennis ova 25?

Where else can you find prince of tennis ova episodes other than youtubecom?

You can go to to view the whole episode. You can also watch the regular prince of tennis videos. You can look up any anime they have most of the shows subbed. I support this website. (This website is safe)

Will there be any more prince of tennis English dub after episode 50?

You can find it at any popular anime streaming website such as GoGo anime.

What episode did ryoma echizen sing?

Echizen doesn't sing in any episode. He sort of sings in 'Prince of Tennis Prince of Bands'.

What episodes of prince of tennis where there is no tennis matches?

These aren't ALL of the Prince of tennis 'no match' episodes, but they're quite a few of the filler ones. Episode 27: Karupin's Adventure Episode 90: Cheap Housing Beach VolleyBall Episode 98: The Prince of Billiards Episode 99: The Cursed Racket Episode 70-73: Tennis vs Ping Pong, It's a Date!, Tezuka's Decision Episode 87: Prince of Bowling Like I said, those aren't all of them. Just a few.

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