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wrestlemania 28 vs triple H

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Q: What was undertaker last match?
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Who won the match between undertaker and Kane at night of champions?

Kane did but Undertaker almost had him if Kane didn't turn the match around at the last min.

Who won out of the undertaker and batsita in the last man standing match?

it was a draw

Did thriple H beat undertaker in there last match?

No the Undertaker won going to 20-0 at Wrestlemainia 28

Is the Undertaker retired if so when was his last match?

The Undertaker Is Not Retired There is a storyline that he is dead.... and his last match was against masked kane in 2011 it was a casket match and the casket was burnt but he is coming as a shock return when its the royal rumble and hes winning it Sincerly-Ronin

Who won rey mesterio vs undertaker world heavyweight?

Undertaker got the best of mysterio and won the match with a Last Ride

Did undertaker die on Memorial Day?

undertaker did not die he is still recovering from his last match but he did get poisned by a fellow wrestler and his name is Kane...

How much does the undertaker get every match?

Will the undertaker gets 2000 dollars a match

Did the undertaker and diesel have a match in 1994?

yes they had a WM Match Which Undertaker won !!

When and where was the match between The Undertaker and Goldberg and what are the details?

there was no match in which undertaker has gotten into the ring with goldberg.

Did undertaker ever lost a wrestling match?

The Undertaker did lose a match and it was at No Way Out in 2003. It was Undertaker against the Big Show.

Who won the match in undertaker and Triple H?

the undertaker

Who won the Punjabi match undertaker kahli?


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