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Q: What was the subject of the show that used the music plink plank plunk?
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Care sunt toate genurile de muzica din lume?

IATA LISTA TUTUROR GENURILOR:2-step garage2 tone4-beat4x4 Garage UK garage also known as Bassline8-bitA cappella - any singing performed without instrumental backingAcid Jazz - a combination of jazz,funk,and hip hopAcid RockAfrobeat - a combination of Yoruba music, jazz, highlife, and funk rhythms, fused with percussion and vocal styles, popularized in Africa in the 1970s.Aleatoric music - music the composition of which is partially left to chanceAlpine New WaveAlternative country - reaction against the 1990s highly-polished Nashville soundAlternative dance - music combining elements of dance-pop (or other forms of electronic house or techno) and alternative rock genres such as indie rock.Alternative hip hop - opposite of gangsta rap, usually includes metaphorical aware lyrics (also known as alternative rap or Bohemian hip hop)Alternative metal - catch-all term for heavy metal which uses techniques less conventional in heavy metalAlternative rock - broad movement born in the 1980s generally relegated to the underground music scene and operating outside of the mainstreamAmericana- style similar to folk music, but with elements of newer styles such as rock and rhythm and bluesAnti-folk - sounds raw or experimental; it also generally mocks the seriousness and pretension of the established mainstream music scene in addition to mocking itself.[edit] Ap-AxApalaArabesque - A versatile collection of music fusing eastern folk music, Arab classical music and various other genresArgentine rockArs antiqua - music of Europe of the late Middle Ages between approximately 1170 and 1310Ars nova - music of the Late Middle Ages, centered in France, which encompassed the period roughly from 1310 to 1314Art rock - rock music that tends to have "experimental or avant-garde influences" and emphasizes "novel sonic texture.Ashiq - Azeri bards who sing and accompany themselves on a saz (a kind of lute)Australian country music (see also Country music)Australian pub rockAustralian hip hopAustralian humourAvant-garde jazz - sounds very similar to free jazz, but differs in that, despite its distinct departure from traditional harmony, it has a predetermined structure over which improvisation may take place.Avant-garde metal - a subgenre of heavy metal music characterised by the use of innovative, avant-garde elements, large-scale experimentation, and the use of non-standard sounds, instruments, and song structures.Avant-garde music - used at different times to mean different kinds of music (usually art music) considered ahead of their time and containing new, unusual, or experimental ideas or elements or fusing different genres.Avant-punkAxé - pop music from Salvador, Bahia[edit] BBa - Be-Bh - Bi-Bl - Bo - Br-Bu[edit] Bac-BalBachata - originated in the countryside and the rural neighborhoods of the Dominican Republic. Its subjects are often romantical; especially prevalent are tales of heartbreak and sadness.BaggyBaião - a Northeast Brazilian rhythmic formula that became the basis of a wide range of music.Bakersfield sound - gritty, hard-edged reaction against 1950s pop country (Nashville sound)Bakshy - Turkmen folk music made by travelling musicians also called bakshyBaila - Sri Lankan dance music derived from African slaves held by the PortugueseBaile Funk - Brazilian dance music literally means "ball", as in "dance party", and "funk"Baisha xiyue - a song and dance suite from the Naxi of Lijiang, ChinaBajourou - Malian (Mali) pop music usually played at weddings and social gatherings.Bakou - trilling vocals that accompany Wolof wrestlingBal-musette - a style of French music and dance which arose in 1880s Paris especially the 5th, 11th, and 12th districts.Balakadri - a traditional quadrille music that was performed for balls on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.Ballad - generic term for usually slow, romantic, despairing and catastrophic songsBallata - an Italian poetic and musical form, which was in use from the late 13th to the 15th century.Ballet (music)[edit] Bam-BayBamboo band - originally from the Solomon Islands, music played by hitting bamboo tubes with sandalsBambuco - the "unofficial music of Colombia". Folk music accompanied by a stylized group dance in either a 6/8 or 3/4 meter.Banda - Mexican brass norteño pop music invented in the 1960sBangsawan - a type of traditional Malay opera. It was known to have developed from a sort of Indian theatre performance during the 19th century by visiting Indian travellers.BantowbolBarbershop music - a style of a cappella, or unaccompanied vocal music characterized by consonant four-part chords for every melody note in a predominantly homophonic textureBarndanceBaroque music - 17th-18th century European classical musicBass music (Miami bass, Booty bass) - electro influenced form of hip hop dance music arising in Miami, FloridaBatá-rumba - a form of Rumba music popular mainly in CubaBatcave (club) - original gothic rock music.Batucada - a substyle of samba and refers to an African influenced Brazilian percussive style, usually performed by an ensemble.Batuco[edit] Be-BhBeach music - a regional genre which developed from various musical styles of the forties, fifties and sixties. These styles ranged from big band swing instrumentals to the more raucous sounds of blues/jump blues, jazz, doo-wop, boogie, rhythm and blues, reggae, rockabilly and old-time rock and roll.Beat - a fusion of rock and roll, doo wop, skiffle, R&B and soul. Beat groups characteristically had simple guitar-dominated line-ups, with vocal harmonies and catchy tunes.Beatboxing - Music performed by producing percussive and melodic sounds with the mouth alone, often mimicking instruments, recorded samples and other sounds not typically associated with vocalization.Bebop - 1940s jazz style with complex improvisation and a fast tempoBeiguan - Taiwanese instrumental musicBel canto - Italian vocal style which arose in the late 16th century and which ended in the mid-19th centuryBend-skin - a kind of urban Cameroonian popular music.Benga - a genre of Kenyan popular musicBhajan - a Hindu religious songBhangra - originally Punjabi dance musicBhangra-wineBhangraggaBhangramuffin[edit] Bi-BlBig band music - large orchestras which play a form of swing musicBig Beat - 1990s electronic music based on breakbeat with other influencesBiguine - Guadeloupean folk musicBlack ambient - blackened form of dark ambient musicBlackened death metal - a fusion between death and black metalBlack metal - highly distorted and swift form of heavy metalBluegrass - American country music mixed with Irish and Scottish influencesBlue-eyed soul - rhythm and blues or soul music performed by white artists.Blues - African-American music from the Mississippi Delta areaBlues ballad - the sound of the blues using a blues scale and blues style chord progressions with a bridge using a different bluesy chord progression)Blues-rock - a hybrid musical genre combining bluesy improvisations over the 12-bar blues and extended boogie jams with rock and roll styles.Biomusic - a form of experimental music which deals with sounds created or performed by living things.Bitpop - electronic music, where at least part of the music is made using old 8-bit computers, game consoles and little toy instruments. Popular choices are the Commodore 64, Game Boy, Atari 2600 and Nintendo Entertainment System.[edit] BoBocetBohemian Dub - Contemporary music style that blends Hip Hop, Dub, Funk, Pop and Klezmer musicBoi - Central Amazonian folk musicBolero - Spanish and Cuban dance and musicBombaBombay popBongo - distinctive African drum and style of drummingBoogie woogie - style of piano-based blues popular in the 1940s USBoogaloo - soul and mambo fusion popular in 1960s United StatesBossa novaBothy ballad - songs sung by farm labourers, specifically in the northeast region of Scotland.Bouncy techno - a rave hardcore dance music style that developed from around 1992, mostly emanating from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.Boy bandBoy with guitar[edit] Br-BuBrass band - a musical group generally consisting entirely of brass instruments, most often with a percussion section.Brazilian funkBrazilian jazz - bossa nova and samba mixed with American jazzBreakbeat - a collection of sub-genres of electronic music, usually characterized by the use of a non-straightened 4/4 drum pattern (as opposed to the steady beat of house or trance). These rhythms may be characterised by their intensive use of syncopation and polyrhythms.Breakbeat hardcore - a derivate of acid house that combines 4-to-the-floor rhythms with breakbeats, and is associated with UK Rave scene.Breakcore - an electronic music style that brings together elements of industrial, jungle, hardcore techno and IDM into a breakbeat-oriented sound that encourages speed, complexity, impact and maximum sonic density. It adheres to a loose set of stylistic rules.Brill Building Pop - named after New York's Brill Building at 1619 BroadwayBritfunkBritpopBritish bluesBritish Invasion - rock and roll, beat and pop performers from the United Kingdom who became popular in the United States from 1964 to 1966.Broken beat - an electronic music genre which can be characterized by syncopated rhythm typically in 4/4 metre, with staggered or punctuated snare beats and/or hand claps.Brown-eyed soul - a subgenre of soul music or rhythm and blues created in the United States mainly by Latinos in Southern California during the 1960s, continuing through to the early 1980s.Brukdown - rural Belizean Kriol musicBubblegum danceBubblegum pop - sometimes synonymous with pop music, especially that performed by teen idols; can also refer to specific styles of South African or Japanese popBikutsiBuleriasBumba-meu-boiBunraku - Japanese style originated from a kind of puppet-theater.Burger-highlifeBurgundian School...[edit] CCa - Cc-Ce - Ch - Ci-Cl - Co - Cr-Cu[edit] Cad-CamCa din tulnicCa pe luncaCa trù - (hat a dao) Vietnamese folk musicCabaretCadenceCadence-lypso - guitar-dominated Cadence music combined with calypso hornsCadence rampaCafé-amanCai luong - Vietnamese operaCajun musicCakewalkCalenda - Trinidadian drum danceCalentanos - folk music of the Balsas River Basin, MexicoCalgia - traditional urban ensemble music from MacedoniaCalipso - Venezuelan calypso musicCalypso - Trinidadian folk, and later pop, genreCalypso-style baila - Sri Lankan baila mixed with calypso influencesCampursari - Indonesian modern folk music, a fusion of dangdut, langgam, and pop musicCampillaneros[edit] Can-CarCañaCanatronicCandombeCanonCanrockCantataCante chicoCante jondoCanterbury SceneCantiñasCantiga - Portuguese ballad formCantiqueCanto livre - Portuguese modernized fadoCanto nuevo - Bolivian pop-folk music which evolved out of Chilean nueva cancionCanto popular - Uruguayan singer-songwriter nativist musicCantopop - western-style pop music from Hong KongCanzone napoletana - urban songs from NaplesCapoeira musicCaracolesCarcelerasCardasCarimbó - dance music of Belém, BrazilCarisoCarnatic music - South Indian classical musicCarolCartageneras[edit] Cas-CavCasséy-coCassette cultureCavachaCa..Doncaster rovers[edit] Cc-CeCCM (Contemporary Christian Music)CelempunganCello rockCelticCeltic fusionCeltic metalCeltic punkCeltic reggaeCeltic rock[edit] ChaCha-cha-chaChakachaChamamé - Argentinian folk musicChamber jazzChamber popChamber musicChampeta - Colombian musical form derived from African communities in CartagenaChamplooChalgaChanguíChansonChantCharangaCharanga-vallenato - 1980s mixture of salsa, charanga and vallenataCharikawiChastushki - humorous Russian folk songsChau van - Vietnamese trance music[edit] Che-ChiChemical breaksChèoChicago bluesChicago houseChicago jazz (Dixieland jazz)Chicago soulChicha - a Peruvian fusion of rock and roll, cumbia and huaynoChicken scratch - Arizona-based White American musicChilloutChimurenga (mbira)Chinese musicChinese rock - rock and roll from China / Taiwan, often with protest lyricsChip music[edit] Cho-ChrChongak - Korean aristocratic chamber musicChouval bwaChowtalCho-kantrum - the most traditional form of Cambodian kantrumChopera - Church OperaChorinhoChoro - Brazilian folk musicChristian alternativeChristian black metal (known as Unblack metal)Christmas carol See also: List of Christmas carolsChristian electronic musicChristian HardcoreChristian hip hopChristian IndustrialChristian metalChristian musicChristian punkChristian rockChristian skaChylandyk - type of xoomii which sounds like the chirping of cricketsChzalni[edit] ChuChumbaChut-kai-pangChutney - popular Indo-Caribbean musicChutney-bhangraChutney-hip hopChutney-soca - Chutney mixed with calypso and other influences[edit] Ci-ClCigányzeneClassic countryClassic female blues - early popular form of bluesClassic rockClassical musicClassical music era (~1730-1820), for what's popularly known as "classical music", see European classical music or List of musical movementsClicks n CutsClose harmonyClub[edit] Coc-CorCocobaleCoimbra fado - a form of refined fado from Coimbra, PortugalColadeiraColombianasCombined Rhythm - music of the Dutch AntillesComedy rapComedy rockComic operaComparsaCompas directCompas meringueConcert overtureConcertoConcerto grossoCongo - Panamanian dance musicConjuntoContemporary Africa musicContemporary Christian Music (CCM)Contemporary R&BContonbleyContradanzaCool jazzCorrido - storytelling ballads from MexicoCorsican polyphonic songCothoza mfana[edit] Cou-CowCountry bluesCountry Gospel a.k.a. Christian CountryCountry musicCountry-rapCountry rockCountrypolitanCountry popCoupé-DécaléCouple de sonneurs - Breton dance musicCowpunkCourtney[edit] Cr-CuCragCrossover musicCrossover thrashCrunk - American musicCrust punkCsárdásCuarteto - Argentinian folk musicCuddlecoreCuecaCumbia - popular dance music, originally Colombian but now popular across Latin America, especially MexicoCumbia panameña - Panamanian cumbiaCumfaCumbia villera - Argentinian type of cumbia which contains marginal lyricsCybergrind[edit] DDa - De-Dh - Di-Dr - Du-Dz[edit] DaDabka (Dabke) - Palestinian dance music for weddingsDadraDaina - Latvian sung poetryDaino - Lithuanian traditional musicDalaunaDance (musical form) - dance (form of musical composition)Dance music - any rhythmic music intended for dancingDance-pop - comtemporary form of dance music with pop music structuresDance-punk - fusion of punk rock, funk, disco, and electro music (also known as disco-punk, punk-funk, and indie-dance)Dance-rockDancehallDangdut - popular Indonesian dance music with influences from Arabic and Indian musicDansbandDanzaDanzónDark ambientDark cabaretDarkcore (hardcore techno)Darkcore (drum & bass)Dark popDarkwave[edit] De-DhDe codruDe dragosteDe jaleDe paharDeathcore - a fusion between death metal and metalcoreDeathgrind - a fusion between death metal and grindcoreDeath industrialDeath metalDeath/Doom - a fusion between death metal and doom metalDeath rockDécimaDegungDelta bluesDeep houseDeep soulDementia - relating to the style of music popularized by the Dr. Demento ShowDesi - Indian folk musicDetroit bluesDetroit technoDhamar - a type of highly-oranemented dhrupadDhimotiká - traditional Greek songsDhrupad - Hindustani vocal music performed by men singing in medieval HindiDhun[edit] Di-DrDigital hardcoreDirgeDirty rapDirty South (also known as Southern rap)DiscoDisco houseDisco polo - Polish nightclub dance music, played in '90s.Diva houseDixieland jazz (Chicago jazz)DjambadonDodompa - Japanese tangoDoinaDombolaDondang sayang - slow folk music that mixes Malaysian forms with Portuguese, India, Chinese and Arabic musicDonegal fiddle traditionDongjing - Chinese Naxi form of folk music, related to silk and bamboo music from ChincaDoo wopDoom metalDoomcoreDowntempoDream popDrone doom (Also known as Drone metal)Drone musicDronologyDrum and bass (DNB)[edit] Du-DzDubDub houseDubtronicaDubstepDunun - Yoruba drum musicDunedin Sound - early 1980s alternative rock sound based out of Dunedin, New Zealand and Flying Nun RecordsDutch jazz[edit] EEa-En - Er-Ez[edit] Ea-EnE-GrindEarly musicEast Coast bluesEast Coast hip hopEastern Tradition of Sephardic musicEasy listeningElafrolaïkóElectric bluesElectric folkElectroElectro BackbeatElectro hopElectro-maximalElectro-industrialElectro punkElectroclashElectrofunkElectronic art musicElectronic body music (EBM, also known as industrial dance)Electronic danceElectronic luk thung - Dance-ready form of Thai pleng luk thungElectronic musicElectronic rockElectronicaElectropopElevator music (or Muzak)EmoEnka - Japanese pop music, using native forms[edit] Ep-EzEqudorian Moggadawn Power StompEremwu euEthereal waveEthereal popEubaEurobeatEurodanceEuro discoEuropopEurotranceExoticaExperimental musicExperimental noiseExperimental popExperimental rockExtreme MetalEzengileer - type of Tuvan xoomii said to imitate the trotting of horses.[edit] FFa - Fr - Fu[edit] Fa-FrFado - Portuguese roots-based popular musicFalak - Tajik folk musicfandango - Spanish dance musicFarruca - a genre of flamencoFilk - modern, science fiction-oriented musicFilm scoresFilmi - Indian film musicFilmi-ghazal - filmi based on Hindustani ghazalFinger-styleFjatpangarri - Aboriginal Australian music local to YirrbalaFlamenco - dance music of Andalusia, SpainFlower powerFoaie verde - classical form of Romanian doinaFofaFolk metalFolk musicFolk popFolk punkFolk rockFolktronicaForró - extremely popular music of Northeastern Brazil[edit] FrFranco-countryFreakbeatFreak-folkFree improvisation - freeform musical improvisationFree jazz - improvised 1960s jazzFree musicFreestyleFreestyle house - a cross-culture mix of hip-hop/electro/house/popFreeteknoFrenchcore - exists of fast and dark beats mostly without a melody. It doesn't have to be made in France though.Frevo - folk music from Recife, BrazilFricote - dance music from Salvador, Brazil[edit] FuFuji - Yoruba vocal and percussion musicFulia - Afro-Venezuelan percussion musicFull OnFunanáFuneral doom - an extremely slow version of doom metal, most commonly made at the "pace of a funeral march"Funk - a bass-heavy outgrowth of soul musicFunkcoreFunk metal - 1980s combination of funk, heavy metal and punk rockFunk rockFunky house - considered a subgenre of UK GarageFurniture music - Erik Satie's invention of Background musicFusion jazz - mixture of rock and jazz[edit] GGa - Ge-Gn - Go-Gr - Gu-GyG-funk[edit] Gaa-GalGaana - Tamil folk/rap from Chennai, IndiaGabber (also spelled as Gabba)GagáGagaku - Japanese classical music derived from ancient court traditionsGaikyokuGaita - Afro-Venezuelan form of percussion musicGalant[edit] Gam-GanGamad - Malay-styleGambang kromong - popular, highly-evolved form of kroncong, originally adapted for the theaterGameGamelan - diverse Indonesian classical music, making use of a vast array of melodic percussionGamelan angklung - Balinese gamelan played for cremations and festivalsGamelan bebonangan - Balinese cymbal-based processional gamelanGamelan degung - a form of popular Sundanese gamelanGamelan bang - Balinese sacred gamelan played for cremationsGamelan buh - Balinese form of gayGamelan gede - ceremonial gamelan from the temple of BatorGamelan kebyar - an energetic form of large Balinese gamelanGamelan salendro - gamelan dance music from Sunda, known as lower-class musicGamelan selunding - possibly the oldest style of gamelan, played only in the village of Tenganan in Bali gaymanGamelan semar pegulingan - sensual form of gamelan from BaliGamewaveGammeldansGandrung - Osing music performed at weddings and other waste of time.Gangsta rap - American form of hip hop music which focuses on underground lifestyles and illegal activities.[edit] Gar-GavGar - Tibetan classical music from gabi gishnolaGarage rockGarrotinGavotte[edit] Ge-GnGelugpa chanting - form of Tibetan Buddhist chanting, very austere and restrainedGender wayang - Indonesion gamelan that accompanies shadow plays and other puppet playsGending - a distinct gamelan music from southern SumatraGerman Folk MusicGharbiGharnatiGhazal - vocal form originally Persian but since spread to Central Asia, Iran, Turkey and IndiaGhazal-song - a modernized version of ghazal influenced by filmiGhetto house - form of Miami bass influenced by house music which arose in ChicagoGhettotech - form of Miami bass which developed in 1990s DetroitGirl group - Girls singing rock songsGirl TalkGlam metalGlam punkGlam rockGlitchGnawa[edit] Go-GrGo goGoa (also known as Goa trance)Gong-chime musicGoombay - Bahamanian percussion musicGoregrindGore MetalGoshu ondo - a form of popularized Okinawan folk musicGospel musicGothenburg SoundGothic metalGothic rockGranadinasGreboGregorian chant (plainchant)Grime - emerged from East London, dark electronic beats with rapping, related to UK Garage and 2 stepGrindcoreGroove metalGroup Sounds - Japanese pop music from the 1960s, which included Appalachian folk music and psychedelic rockGrungeGrunge funk (also known as Grunk)Grupera - a mixture of Mexican ranchera, norteño and cumbia[edit] Gu-GyGuaguanboGuajiraGuasca - from ColombiaGuitarra baiana - from Pernambuco, Brazil, a style of playing frevo using electric guitarsGuitarradasGumbeGuncheiGunka - military marches with Japanese influences, created during the Meiji RestorationGuoyue - invented conservatoire style of national Chinese musicGwo ka - Guadeloupan percussion musicGwo ka moderne - modernized gwo kaGypsy jazzGypsy punkGyu ke - form of Tibetan Tantric chanting[edit] HHa - He-Ho - Hu-Hy[edit] Hab-HasHabanera - Africanized danzónHaiducestiHajnali - Hungarian-Transylvanian wedding songsHakkaHamboHands UpHapa haole - a mixture of traditional Hawaiian music and English lyricsHappy hardcoreHaqibahHardcore hip hopHardcore metalHardcore punkHardcore technoHard bop (hard bebop)Hard houseHard rockHardstyleHard tranceHarepa - harp-based music of Pedi people of South AfricaHarmonica bluesHasaposérviko[edit] Hat-HazHát chèo - an ancient form of Vietnamese stage operaHát cãi luong - Vietnamese popular operaHát chau van - a popular spiritual folk music of VietnamHát tuồng (Hát bôi) - Vietnamese operatic music[edit] He-HoHeartland rockHeavy metalHesherHi-NRGHighlandsHighlifeHighlife fusionHillybilly musicHiplifeHip hopHip houseHip popHindustani classical musicHiragasyHiva usu - unaccompanied vocal Christian music of TongaHonky tonkHonkyokuHora lungaHornpipesHorrorcore rapHorror punkHouse music[edit] Hu-HyHua'erHuasteco - folk music from Huasteco, MexicoHuaynos - Andean dance music now most widespread in PeruHulaHumppaHunguhunguHyangak - Korean court musicHymnHyphy[edit] IIbiza musicIgbo musicIjexáIlahijeIllbientImpressionist musicImprovisationalIncidental musicIndietronicaIndie musicIndie popIndie rockIndo jazz - jazz mixed with forms of Indian musicIndo rockIndoyíftikaIndustrial dance (or EBM, electronic body music)Industrial hip-hopIndustrial musicIndustrial musical (also known as corporate musical)Industrial metalIndustrial rock (or coldwave)Instrumental rockIntelligent dance music (IDM, also known as intelligent techno, listening techno or art techno)International Latin - pop ballads from various Latin countries, especially ColombiaInuit music - music of the InuitIrish folkIrish Rebel MusicIscathamiyaIsikhwela joIsland - mix of reggae,ska,latin; music sounding from the islandIsolationistItalo danceItalo Disco - Italian nightclub musicItalo houseItsmeños - folk music of the Zapotecs of MexicoIzvorna bosanska muzika - modernized folk music from Drina, Bosnia[edit] JJa-Je - Ji-JuJ-Pop - Japanese pop musicJ-Rock - Japanese rock music[edit] Ja-JeJaipongan - unpredictably rhythmic dance music from Sunda, IndonesiaJaliscienses - Folk music of Jalisco, Mexico, and the origin of mariachiJam bandJam rockJamana kuraJamrieng samaiJangle popJapanese pop - Japanese pop music using Western structuresJapanese rock - Japanese rock musicJaranaJariang - Cambodian folk narrativesJarochos - folk music from Veracruz, MexicoJawaiian - Hawaiian reggaeJazzJazz bluesJazz-funkJazz fusionJazz MetalJazz rapJegog - Giant Bamboo ensemble of Bali, IndonesiaJenkkaJesus music[edit] Ji-JtJesuscoreJibaroJigJig punkJing pingJingle - form of music used in television commercialsJitJitterbugJiveJoged - a generic term for various types of dance music all over IndonesiaJoged bumbung - a popular form of joged ensembleJoikJoropoJotaJ'OuvertJug bandJuke joint bluesJujuJump bluesJumpstyleJungleJunkanooJuréJtek[edit] KKa - Ke-Kh - Ki-Kp - Kr-Kw[edit] KaKängKaba - Southern Albanian instrumental musicKabuki - lively and popular form of Japanese theater and musicKadansKagok - Korean aristocratic vocal music accompanied by strings, wind and percussion instrumentsKagyupa chanting - form of Tibetan Buddhist chantingKaisoKalamatianóKalattuut - Inuit polkaKalinda (kalenda, ti kannot)Kamba popKan ha diskanrapes menKansas City bluesKantádhesKantrumKaraokeKargyraaKarmaKaseko - Surinamese folk musicKatcharsee - lively, celebratory Okinawan folk musicKatajjaq or Inuit throat singing - competititive duet styleKawachi ondo - a form of modernized Okinawan folk musicKayōkyoku - traditionally-structured Japanese pop music[edit] Ke-KhKe-kweKebyar - see gamelan gong kebyar aboveKecak - Balinese "monkeychant"Kecapi suling - instrumental, improvisation-based music from JavaKéléKertok - Malaysian xylophone music played in small ensemblesKhaleeji - popular folk-based music of the Persian Gulf countriesKhapKhplam wai - a type of mor lam with a slow tempo which originated in Luang Prabang, LaosKhelimaski djili - Hungarian Gypsy dance songsKheneKhrung sai - type of Thai classical musicKhyal - Hindustani vocal music that is informal, partially improvised and very popularKhoomeiKhorovodi - Russian dance music[edit] Ki-KpKĩkũyũ popKilapandaKinkoKirtanKiwi rockKizombaKlape - Dalmatian male choir musicKlasikKléftikoKlezmerKlininganKochare - Armenian folk danceKolomyjkaKomagakuKonpaKoumpaneia - Greek Gypsy musicKpanlogo[edit] Kr-KwKrakowiakKrautrockKriti (krithi) - a Hindui hymnKroncong - popular Indonesian music with strong Portuguese influenceKrzesanyKulintang - Traditional gong-chime music of the Philippines, Eastern Indonesia, Eastern Malaysia, Brunei and TimorKulning - Swedish folk songsKumina - music (and religion) of the Bongo Nation of JamaicaKun-borrkKundereKundiman - traditional Filipino songs adapted to Western song structureKussundéKutumba wakeKvæðiKveding - traditional Norwegian songsKwaitoKwassa kwassaKwelakorean pop[edit] LLa - Le-Lo - Lu[edit] LaLa la - Louisianan Creole musicLaba labaLaïkóLaiLamLam saravane - Laotian ensemble music from a town of the same name in southern LaosLam singLambada - Bolivian and Brazilian dance music which arose from sayas and became internationally popular in the 1980sLancerLanggam jawa - type of kroncong mixed with gamelan, popular around Solo, IndonesiaLatin American musicLaremuna wadaumanLatin jazz - jazz mixed with Latin musical forms like bossa nova or salsaLavluLavwayLakaluuk[edit] Le-LoLe leaganLegényes - Hungarian-Transylvanian men's danceLetkajenkkaLhamo - form of Tibetan operaLiederLikanosLight Music - 20th Century light orchestral music (mainly British)Light RockLiquindiLlanera - Venezuelan musicLlanto - a flamenco-influenced genre of Panamanian folk musicLo-fi musicLoki djili - traditional Hungarian Gypsy songsLong-song - traditional Mongolian slow songsLouisiana bluesLounge musicLovers rockLowercase - see Lowercase (music)[edit] LuLu - unaccompanied Tibetan folk musicLubbock country musicLucknavi thumri - a type of thumri from LucknowLuhya omutiboLuk grung - Popular Thai music from the early 20th centuryLullabyLunduLundum[edit] MMa - Mb-Mg - Mi - Min-Mir - Mo-Mp - MuM-Base[edit] Mad-MamMadchesterMadrigalMafioso rapMaglaal (tuuli)MagnificatMahori - type of Thai classical musicMakossaMakossa-soukousMalagueñasMalawian jazzMalhunMaloya - traditional music from RéunionMaluf - evolved form of al-andalous classical music which developed in Constantine, AlgeriamalukaMambo[edit] Man-MapManaschi - Kyrgyz folk music made by travelling musicians also called manaschiMandarin pop - early Taiwanese pop sung in Mandarin and popular with young listenersManding swingMangue Bit - African style beat music style from Recife, Pernambuco, BrazilMangulinaManikayManila sound - Early 1970s development in Pinoy rock which mixed Tagalog and English lyricsManoucheManzumaMapoukaMapouka-serré[edit] Mar-MazMarabiMaracatu - African and Portuguese music popular around Recife, BrazilMarga - Indian classical musicMariachi - pop form of son jaliscienseMarimbaMarrabentaMartial industrialMaskanda - popularized Zulu-traditional musicMassMartinetesMatamuerteMathcoreMath rockMaxixeMazurka - Martinican Music[edit] Mb-MgMbalaxMbaqanga (township jive)Mbira (Chimurenga)MbubeMbumbaMedhMeditationMedieval folk rockMedieval metalMedieval musicMejoranaMelhounMelhûnMelodic black metalMelodic death metalMelodic hardcoreMelodic metalcoreMelodic musicMelodic tranceMemphis bluesMemphis rapMemphis soulMentoMerengueMerengue típico modernoMerengue-bomba - Puerto Rican fusion of bomba and merengueMéringueMeringueMerseybeatMetalcoreMetallic hardcoreMexican son - a broad group of Mexican folk musicMeyjanaMezwed[edit] Mia-MilMiami bass (booty bass) (Bass music)Mini compasMini-jazzMinuetMilongas[edit] Min-MitMin'yo - Japanese folk musicMinerasMini-jazz - Caribbean jazzMinimalist musicMinimalist tranceMinimal technoMinimal waveMinstrel showMinneapolis soundMirolóyia[edit] Mo-MPModinhaModern classical musicModern LaikaModern RockModinhaMohabelo - neo-traditional music from South Africa and LesothoMor lam - Laotian and Thai ensemble music for vocals with accompanimentMor lam sing - popular form of Laotian traditional music developed by Laotians in ThailandMotownMontunoMornaMozambiqueMPB (música popular brasileira) - catch-all term for multiple varieties of Brazilian pop music[edit] MuMugam - classical music of Azerbaijan, featuring sung poetry and instrumental passagesMurga - Uruguayan street carnival dance with heavy percussion, also popular in Argentina.MusetteMushroom JazzMusic dramaMusic HallMusic noirMúsica campesina - Cuban rural musicMúsica criolla - a coastal Peruvian music from the early 20th century, consisting of a variety of Western fusionsMúsica de la interior - indigenous folk music from ColombiaMúsica llanera - harp-based form of folk music from Los Llanos, ColombiaMúsica nordestina - Northeast Brazilian popular music, centered around RecifeMúsica tropical - a form of Colombian salsa musicMusiqi-e assil - Persian classical musicMusique concrète (also known as electroacoustic music)MutuashiMuwashshahMuzak (or elevator music)[edit] NaNafratala-Mexican s.x musicNa trapeza - Greek-Turkish slow songsNagauta - Japanese style of shamisen-playingNaghmehsNakasi - Taiwanese musical formNaked FUNKNangma - Tibetan dance musicNanguan - Taiwanese instrumental musicNarcocorrido - Spanish for "Drug ballad", this Mexican music's theme was equivalent to gangster rapNardcore - Nardcore is a hardcore punk movement that came out of Southern California in the early 1980sNarodna muzika - Serbian folk musicNasheed - a capella music closely related with Islamic revival in the 20th centuryNashville Sound - pop-country music based out of Nashville, TennesseeNational Socialist Black Metal - NSBM Nazi black metalNative American gospel - gospel music performed by Native AmericansNaturalismo - a term for the 2000s folk movement also referred to as New Weird America or Freak FolkNederpop - popular music of the Netherlands, especially in the Dutch languageNeoclassical (Dark Wave)Neoclassical (New Age)Neoclassical musicNeo-classical metalNéo kýmaNeofolk - a form of folk music that emerged from European ideals and post-industrial musicNeo-MedievalNeo-progNeo-PsychedeliaNeo Soul (Nu Soul) - late 1990s and early 2000s American fusion of contemporary R&B, 1970s style soul music, hip hop music, jazz, and classical musicNerdcoreNeue Deutsche HärteNeue Deutsche Welle - a kind of German New Wave musicNeue VolksmusikNew Age music - numerous varieties of music associated with New Age spirituality and culture, especially including atmospheric and natural soundsNew Beat - a downtempo music style from Belgium, contemporary to Chicago House and Detroit Techno.New InstrumentalNew Jack Swing (New Jack R&B, Swingbeat) - late 1980s and early 1990s American fusion of hip hop music, R&B, doo wop and soul musicNew Orleans blues - piano and horn-heavy blues from the city of New Orleans, LouisianaNew Orleans contemporary brass bandNew Orleans jazzNew PopNew progNew RaveNew Romantic - popular British New Wave from the early 1980sNew rumbaNew school hip hop - generic term for hip hop music recorded after about 1989New Taiwanese Song - modern Taiwanese pop music which combines ballads, rock and roll and hip hopNew Wave bhangra (Fusion bhangra)New Wave of British heavy metal (NWOBHM) - mid- to late 1970s heavy metal coming out of the United KingdomNew Wave - melodious pop outgrowth of arty punk rock, also used as description of an emerging sound in any genre (e.g. Alpine New Wave)New Wave of New WaveNew Weird America - term to defining emerging folk/psychedelia/drone/noize influenced by pre-war country-folk-blues & 1960s counter cultural underground music.New York blues - jazzy, urban blues from the early 20th centuryNew York House (also known as US Garage)NuWave - a genre created by a popular DJ called DJ NuWaveNewgrass - progressive bluegrass[edit] NgNganjaNhąc dân tôc cai biên - modernized forms of Vietnamese folk music which arose in the 1950sNhac tài tů - Vietnamese chamber music which accompanies cai luongNha NacNiche - sub-genre of UK Garage and Bassline House, name derived from the club in Sheffield, that first started putting on regular bassline nightsNintendocoreNisiótika - folk songs of the Greek islandsNo Wave - avant-garde late 1970s outgrowth of New Wave and punk rockNoh - highly-stylized Japanese theater and music styleNoise music - style of avant-garde music, most closely associated with JapanNoise pop - experimental 1990s outgrowth of punkNoise rock - atonal punk rock from the 1980sNongak - Korean folk music played by 20-30 performers on different kinds of percussion instrumentsNorae Undong - Korean rock music with socially aware lyricsNordic folk music Nordic folk dance musicNortec - electronic style from Tijuana, MexicoNorteño (Tex-Mex) - Modernized corridos pop music of MexicoNorthern harmonyNorthern Soul - late 1960s variety of soul music from northern EnglandNorthumbrian smallpipe musicNotaNova canção - popular 1950s and 60s fado in Portugal and folk-based singer-songwriters in SpainNovokomponovana narodna muzika - modernized Serbian folk musicNu breaksNu jazz - fusion of late 1990s jazz and electronic musicNu metal - fusion of heavy metal music with genres such as hip hop, funk, grunge and electronic musicNu-NRG - a harder and faster version of Hi-NRGNu soul (neo soul) - popular fusion of hip hop music and soul musicNueva canción - Chilean pop-folk music which influenced by native Chilean and Bolivian formsNyingmapa chanting - form of highly rhythmic and elaborate Tibetan Buddhist chanting[edit] OObscuroOi! - 1980s style of British punk rockOld school hip hop - generic term for hip hop music recorded before approximately 1989Old time countryOld-time - archaic term for many different styles that were an outgrowth of Appalachian folk music and fed into country musicOldiesOlonkho - Yakut epic songsOltuluiOmpa - Music by the Kaizers OrchestraOmutiboOndoOn ikki muqam - Uyghur classical music suite in 12 partsOom pah bandOpera - theatrical performances in which all or most dialogue is sung with musical accompanimentOratorical calypsoOratorio - similar to opera but without scenery, costumes or actingOrchestra - a large ensemble, especially one used to played European classical musicOrchestreOrgan trio - a style of jazz from the 1960s that blended blues and jazz (and later "soul jazz") and which was based around the sound of the Hammond organOrganic ambient - often acoustic ambient music which uses instruments and styles borrowed from world musicOrganic houseOrganica - A genre music created by SLIPS INTO SPACE in 2007, it is written without predetermining the outcome of the overall sound.This music causes audible hallucinations.Organum - Middle Ages polyphonic musicOriental FoxtrotOriental metal - a subgenre of folk metal that incorporates elements of traditional Middle Eastern music.Orovela - eastern Georgian work songsOrgel (Organ Orgue) - keyboard instrument with/without pedalsOrquestas TejanasOttava rima - Italian rhyming stanzasOutlaw country - late 1960s and 70s form of country music with a hard-edged sound and rebellious lyricsOutsider music - generic term for music performed by outsidersÖzgünOzwodna[edit] PPa - Pi - Po - Pr[edit] PaP-Funk - 1970s fusion of funk, heavy metal and psychedelic rock, most closely associated with the bands Funkadelic and Parliament, who shared many members collectively known as P-FunkPadamsPagan rockPagode - Brazilian style of music which originated in the Rio de Janeiro regionPaisley Underground - 1980s style of alternative rock that drew heavily on psychedeliaPalm wine - fusion of numerous West African, Latin American and European genres, popular throughout coastal West Africa in the 20th centuryPalosPanambih - tembang sunda that uses metered poetryPanchai baja - Nepalese wedding musicPanchavadyam - Temple music from Kerala, IndiaPansori - Korean folk music played by a singer and a drummerParanda - Garifuna form of musicParisian soukousParranda - Afro-Venezuelan form of musicParody - humorous renditions of various songsPatrioticPayada de contrapuntoPambiche (Merengue estilo yanqui)Paranda - Garifuna music of BelizeParang - Trinidadian Christmas carolsPartido altoEl pasacallePaseo (music)Pasillopcycobilly -hill billy and rockPeace PunkPedo punkPelimanni music - Finnish folk dance musicPennywhistle jivePeroveta anediaPeteneraPeyote Song - a mixture of gospel and traditional Native American musicPhiladelphia soul - soft 1970s soul that came out of Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaPhleng luk tungpunk techno- punk rock with techno beat and SFX[edit] PiPiano bluesPiano rockPiedmont bluesPineal PolkaPinoy rock - rock and roll sung in Tagalog from the PhilippinesPinpeat orchestraPiphat - ancient form of Thai classical ensemblePirekaus - traditional love songs of the Purépecha of MexicoPisiq - Greenlandic folk songPixiefunk - fusion of funk,afrobeat,celtic balad,pop-rock,drum'n'bass and jungle. Usually performed live and free style. Origin:LondonPiyyutimPlachi - melancholic Russian folk songsPlainchant (Gregorian chant)PlenaPleng phua cheewit - Thai protest rockPleng Thai sakorn - a Thai interpretation of Western classical musicPlunk-Folk - energetic double-bass driven folk, with the 'plunk' of the double bass sound.[edit] PoPoco-poco - Indonesian modern music which fuses disco with eastern Indonesian dance musicPolihetPolkaPoloPolonaisePols - Danish fiddle and accordion dance musicPolskaPong langPop folkPop-makossaPop melayu - Malay pop music with dangdut overlayPop mop - Mongolian pop musicPop musicPop Progressive - Pop accompanied by guitar/bass riffs and speedy drum patternsPop punkPop raiPop rapPop rockPop sunda - Sundanese mixture of gamelan degung and pop music structuresPornocorePorro - Colombian big band musicPortuguese Shangaan - South African and Mozambiquan mixture of traditional Tsonga and Portuguese musicPositive punkPost-discoPost-grungePost-hardcore- Slite mixture of Hardcore and Punk rockPost-industrialPost-Jam - Next Wave Jambands like the Slip, Lotus, STS9 and The Duo. Electronic and Indie Rock stylings.Post-metalPost-minimalismPost-punkPost-rockPost-romanticismPost-Traumatic-Stress-CorePower electronicsPower metalPower noise (or rhythmic noise)Power popPowerviolencePow-wow - Native American dance musicPpongtchak - Korean pop music developed during the Japanese occupation[edit] PrPraise songPre-ComputerPrimusProgram symphonyProgressive Acoustic Urban Math FolkProgressive electronic musicProgressive folk musicProgressive houseProgressive industrial beatbox-jambalayaProgressive metalProgressive bluegrassProgressive rockProgressive tranceProtopunkPsychedelic musicPsych folk or Psychedelic folkPsychedelic rockPsychedelic trance (Psy-trance)PsychobillyPsychosomatic trancePsych-popPunjabi thumri - a type of thumri from PunjabPunk blues - a US music genre that developed in the 1980s, which mixes elements of blues with the aggressive sound of punk.Punk Cabaret - a fusion of musical theater and cabaret style music with the aggressive, raw nature of punk rock.Punk funkPunk jazzPunk rockPuntaPunta rock - 1970s Belizean musicPuke-a-Billy - genre created by Nathan Payne in the late 1990s. Mix of rock-a-billy, punk, country, and blues.[edit] QQuan ho - Vietnamese vocal music which originated in the Red River DeltaQasidah - Epic religious poetry accompanied by percussion and chantingQasidah modern - Qasidah updated for mainstream audiencesQawwali - Sufi religious music updated for mainstream audiences, was originated in IndiaQuadrilleQueercoreQuiet Storm[edit] RRa - Rh[edit] RaRadaRaga rock - Swiss soul, rock and Indian music fusionRagasRaggamuffin (Ragga)Ragga-chutneyRagga JungleRagga-socaRagga-zouk - a fusion of reggae, dub music and zoukRagtimeRainbow RaveRai - Algerian folk music now developed into a popular styleRake-and-scrape - Bahamanian instrumental musicRamkbachRamvongRanchera - pop mariachi from 1950s film soundtracksRandom danceRapRap operaRap rock Rap metalRapcoreRapsoRaraRare grooveRasiyaRateliaiRaveRebetikoRebitareelReggaeReggae dancehall (see Dancehall)Reggae fusionReggae highlifeReggaetonReinlenderRekilaulu - Finnish rhyming sleigh songsReligiousRembetikoRenaissance musicRequiemRetro Acoustic Steel Guitar[edit] RhRhapsodyRhyming spiritual - Bahamanian hymnsRhythm and blues (R&B)Rhythmic noise (or power noise)RicercarRímur - Icelandic heroic epic songsRing Bang - the Barbadian sound of socaRiot grrrlRockRock operaRock and rollRock en españolRock sureño - 70's Rock from Andalusia with Flamenco influencesRockabillyRocknoirRocksteadyRococoRodeo musicRokon fadaRomantic period in musicRomerasRondeauxRonggeng - a folk music from Malacca, MalaysiaRoots reggaeRoots rockRoots rock reggaeRuem trosh - Cambodian traditional musicRumba African RumbaCuban Rumba (yambu, columbia, and guaguanco)Flamenco Rumba also known as Gypsy rumbaRumba gitana - French Gypsy musicRunddanRunolaulu - Finnish folk songsRuno-song - Estonian folk music[edit] SaSabar - drumming style found in SenegalSacred HarpSadcoreSaibaraSalegySalsa - fusion of multiple Cuban- and Puerto Rican-derived pop genres from immigrants in New York CitySalsa erotica - lyrically explicit form of salsa romanticaSalsa gordaSalsa romantica - a soft, romantic form of salsa musicSaltarelloSalveSamba - form of Brazilian popular musicSamba-canção - traditional samba in slow tempo and with romantic lyrics. influenced by boleroSamba-reggae - a genre of samba with a choppy, reggae-like rhythm.SambaiSanjo - Korean instrumental folk musicSato kaguraSawt - urban music from Kuwait and BahrainSaya - Bolivian music derived from African rhythms[edit] ScSchlagerSchottischSchranzScience Future Vision - Post genome code science punk rock originally started in HullScottish Baroque musicScrap (music)ScreamoScrumpy and Western - folk music from West Country of EnglandSea shantySean nós - Sean-nós singing style of IrelandSecond Viennese SchoolSega musicSeggaeSeisSembaSephardic musicSerialismSet danceSevdalinka - Bosnian urban popular musicSevillanaShababShabadShalako - Armenian folk danceShan'ge - Taiwanese Hakka mountain songsShangoShape noteShibuya-keiShidaiqu - Hong Kong-based form of traditional music updated for pop audiences and sung in MandarinShima uta - a form of Okinawan dance musicShock rockShoegazingShoka - Japanese songs written during the Meiji Restoration to bring Western music to Japanese schoolsShomyo - Japanese Buddhist chantingShowtunes[edit] SiSicaSiguiriyasSilat - Malaysian mixture of music, dance and martial artsSinawi - Korean religious music meant for dancing; it is improvised and reminiscent of jazzSinger-songwriterSituationalSkaSka punkSkacore (third wave of ska)SkaldSkate punkSkiffleSkronk - popular music originating in Charleston, South Carolina, USA in the late 1990s having elements of ska, rock, and funk.Slack-key guitar (kihoalu) - Hawaiian form invented by retuning open strings on a guitarSlängpolskaSlideSlowcoreSludge metalSmooth jazz[edit] SoSocaSoft rockSon-batá (batá rock)Son montuno - Cuban folk musicSonataSongo - a mixture of changuí and son montunoSongo-salsa - a mixture of songo, hip hop and salsaSoukousSoul bluesSoul jazzSoul musicSoundtrackSouthern GospelSouthern HarmonySouthern hip hopSouthern metalSouthern rockSouthern soulSpace age popSpace musicSpace rockSpacesynthSpectralismSpeedcoreSpeed garageSpeed metalSpiritualsSpouge - Barbadian folk musicSquare dance[edit] StSt. Louis bluesSteelbandStoner metalStoner rockStraight edgeStrathspeysStrideString - 1980s Thai pop musicString quartetSuiteSunshine popSuomirockSuper EurobeatSurf balladsSurf instrumentalSurf musicSurf popSurf rockSwamp bluesSwamp popSwamp rockSwingbeat (New Jack Swing, New Jack R&B)Swing music[edit] SySygyt - type of xoomii (Tuvan throat singing), likened to the sound of whistlingSymphonic black metalSymphonic metalSymphonic poemSymphonic rockSymphonySymphusionSynthpopSynthpunk[edit] TTaarabTai tu - Vietnamese chamber musicTaiwanese pop - early Taiwanese pop music influenced by enka and popular with older listenersTala - a rhythmic pattern in Indian classical musicTalempong - a distinct Minangkabau gamelan musicTambuTamburitzaTamil Christian keerthanai - Christian devotional lyrics in TamilTáncház - Hungarian dance musicTango - Argentinian dance music that became internationally popular in the 1920sTanguk - a form of Korean court music that includes elements of Chinese musicTappaTarana - form of vocal music from northern India using highly rhythmic nonsense syllablesTarantellaTarantoTech HouseTech TranceTechnical death metalTechnical metalTechnoTechno metalTechno rockTechnoidTechtonikTeen popTejano music or "Tex-Mex", sometimes confused with norteñoTeknoTembang sunda - Sundanese sung free verse poetryTexas bluesThillana - form of vocal music from South India using highly rhythmic nonsense syllablesThrashcoreThrash metalThresherThumri - a type of popular Hindustani vocal musicTibetan pop - pop music heavily influenced by Chinese forms, emerging in the 1980sTientosTimbila - form of folk music in MozambiqueTin Pan AlleyTingaTinku - traditional music and dance from Potosi BoliviaToadas - traditional music and dance from BrazilToeshey - Tibetan dance musicTogakuT'ong guitar - acoustic guitar pop music of KoreaTraditional pop musicTrallalero - Genoese urban songsTranceTravestyTribal houseTrikitixa - Basque accordion musicTrip-hopTrip rockTrock - Time Lord Rock, Songs about Doctor WhoTrompetenpunkTropicaliaTruck-driving countryTumbaTurbo-folk - aggressive form of modernized Serbian musicTurntablismTuvan throat-singingTwee popTwist (also a dance style, early 1960s)Two tone (second wave of ska)[edit] UUK garageUK pub rockUnblack metal (also known as Christian black metal)Underground musicUnknown[disambiguation needed]Uplifting TranceUrban CowboyUrban FolkUrban jazz[edit] VVallenato - accordion-based Colombian folk musicVaudevilleVerbunkos - Hungarian folk musicVerismoVideo game music - Melodic music as defined by its media.Victoriandustrial - penned by Emilie AutumnViking metalVillanella - 16th century Neapolitan songsVirelaisVisual KeiVisual musicVocal houseVocal jazzVolksmusik[edit] WWaila (chicken scratch) - a Tohono O'odham fusion of polka, norteño and Native American musicWaltzWarabe utaWassoulouWere musicWest Coast popWestern bluesWestern swingWizard rockWomen's music or womyn's music, wimmin's music--1970s lesbian/feministWong shadow - 1960s Thai pop musicWork songWood Sounds of organic synthesis recorded on organic medium such as tape.WorldbeatWorld musicWorld fusion music[edit] XXoomii (khoomii, hoomii) - a type of Tuvan throat singingXhosa musicXian rock[edit] YYang - form of Tibetan Buddhist chantingYé-yéYorubeat Funk and Afrobeat influencedYo-popYodelingYukarYule Christmas music[edit] ZZajalZapin - derived from ancient Arabic music, zapin is popular throughout MalaysiaZarzuela - a form of Spanish operettaZeuhlZeibekiko - Greek Dance 9/8 RytmusZiglibithyZolo - characterized by hyper bitchy rhythms and cacophonous/ harmonious bleeps and bongsZouglouZouk - Antillean ( Guadeloupean ) dance musicZouk chouvZouklove - Guadeloupean MusicZulu musicZydeco - popular Louisianan Creole music

Who is the girl in the confederate bikini is kid rock's all summer long video?

Hugh Hefner's main squeeze, Holly. Nope her name is Tiffani Mccarter. She is a model from Nashville, Tennessee. Her next video is Jimmy Wayne I will she is his girlfriend in the video really pretty girl.

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What was the subject of the show whose theme music was plink plank plunk?


What was the subject of the tv show in the 50s whose theme song was plink plank plunk?


What is the subject matter of the tv shoe pink plank plunk?

There is no TV show called "Pink Plank Plunk." It may be a misspelling or a title that does not exist.

What is a synonym for plank?

boardSynonyms for plankSynonyms (Grouped by Similarity of Meaning) of verb plankSense 1: plank, plank overcoverSense 2: plank, flump, plonk, plop, plunk, plump down, plunk down, plumpset down, put down, place downSense 3: plankserve, serve up, dish out, dish up, dish

Words ending in k without a c?

Here are some possible words: blank blink brink chink chunk clank clink clonk clunk crank drank drink drunk flank flunk frank plank plink plonk plunk prank prink shank skink skunk slink slunk spank spunk stank stink stunk swank thank think trunk

What are some five letter words with 1st letter P and 2nd letter L and 4th letter N?

According to SOWPODS (the combination of Scrabble dictionaries used around the world) there are 10 words with the pattern PL-N-. That is, five letter words with 1st letter P and 2nd letter L and 4th letter N. In alphabetical order, they are: plane plank plans plant plena pling plink plong plonk plunk

What is the birth name of Eric Plunk?

Eric Plunk's birth name is Eric Vaughn Plunk.

What is the meaning of plunk the twanger?

"Plunk the twanger" is a colloquial phrase that means to play the banjo or guitar in a lively or energetic manner, often associated with country or folk music. It suggests a lively and rhythmic style of playing the instrument.

How tall is Eric Plunk?

Eric Plunk is 6' 5".

What is prefix with plop or plunk?

Ker plop or Ker plunk

How do you say keegan falcon plunk in french?

plunk de faucon de keegan

When was Eric Plunk born?

Eric Plunk was born on September 3, 1963, in Wilmington, California, USA.