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Origianlly Blackadder was set in the Middle Ages to carry Rowan Atkinsons devious character. By the time Queen Elizabeth I comes along he is much more sophisticated. Blackadder, Baldrick & co move through British history to comedic effect.

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Q: What was the purpose of blackadder?
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Was the final scene in Blackadder Goes Forth justifiable?

To be honest with you I think that Blackadder is awesome and the ending was quite good it was an emotional one but I had the concept of a season 5 blackadder 2005 in my head. I dont see why they don't make one everyone would love it the same as Red Dwarf back to earth its just tasteless people who would rather watch Neighbours who prevent another Blackadder, but yes, I myself think Blackadders' ending was justifiable.And I think its a matter of opinionI believe the ending in Blackadder was justifiable. Indeed, the final series which was set in WW1 was great, well written and very funny. However, the final scence shows us that ultimately, in reality there was nothing funny about it.

What are some tv programs in which both Hugh Laurie and Roland Atkinson appear oland atkinson appear?

Blackadder :)

Who were the creators of the Blackadder series?

Richard Curtis and Rowan Atkinson wrote the first series while Richard Curtis and Ben Elton wrote the others.

Was there a spaniel called colin featured in an episode of black adder?

There is a mention of a dachshund called Colin in the episode 'Dish and Dishonesty' from the series 'Blackadder the Third'. Blackadder: "Dunny-on-the-Wold is a tuppenny-ha'penny place. Half an acre of sodden marshland in the Suffolk Fens with an empty town hall on it. Population: three rather mangy cows, a dachshund called colin and a small hen in its late forties".

Are Rowan Atkinson and Tony Robinson friends in real life?

A recent article written by Tony Robinson said he had no friends in the cast of Blackadder. He is from a working class background and the others were upper class with Oxford or Cambridge educations. He said he did not fit in.

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What is the duration of Blackadder?

The duration of Blackadder is 1800.0 seconds.

When was Elizabeth Blackadder born?

Elizabeth Blackadder was born in 1931

When was Bob - Blackadder - created?

Bob - Blackadder - was created in 1985.

When was Captain Blackadder created?

Captain Blackadder was created in 1989.

When did Robert Blackadder die?

Robert Blackadder died in 1508.

When did Blackadder end?

Blackadder ended on 1989-11-02.

When was Blackadder II created?

Blackadder II was created in 1986.

When was Edmund Blackadder created?

Edmund Blackadder was created in 1983.

When did Bill Blackadder die?

Bill Blackadder died in 1977.

When was Blackadder the Third created?

Blackadder the Third was created in 1987.

What is the funniest blackadder episode?

It is quite hard to decide which is the funniest episode of Blackadder.But here are some of the funniest episodes.Bells (Blackadder II)Head (Blackadder II)Amy and Amiability (Blackadder the Thrid)Goodbyeee (Blackadder Goes Forth)These can be watched on YouTube.One I think is very funny is the Blackadder Season Three episode Sense and Senility.

Who directed blackadder?

The director of the TV comedy 'Blackadder' was Paul Weiland.