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Q: What was the original name of Julian drive band?
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Who is the only original band member who is still with the group Scritti Politti?

The only original Scritti Politti member still in the group is the band's frontman and founder Green Gartside. His real name is Paul Julian Strohmeyer.

What was Three Days Grace's original band name?

Their original band name was Groundswell.

What is your band name?

my band is a rock/pop band and our name is the fallen ones. pretty original dont ya think?

What was the original name of the band the Supremes?

The Primettes

How did Faber drive get their name?

Dave Faber is the guy who STARTED the band. So it was Faber's Drive that started the band.

What was Tokio Hotel's original band name?

Tokio Hotel's first band name was Devilish.They were 'Devilish'.

Wasn't the name of the band in Lost called drive shaft?

Yes, the name of Charlie's band on the show "Lost" was indeed called Drive Shaft.

What was Nick's Jonas original band name going to be?

The original name for the band was going to be "Sons Of Jonas", but Kevin came up with the name we all know and love, "Jonas Brothers".

Is Spazout a good band name?

It is a great name. Very original.

What was the name of harrys original band?

White Eskimo

What was the original name of the band Chicago?

"The Big Thing."

What was the original band name for slipknot?

"Pyg System"