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Punch and Judy

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Q: What was the name of the Puppet Act in the show Carnival?
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What movie and television projects has The Baird Puppets been in?

The Baird Puppets has: Played Puppet Act in "Toast of the Town" in 1948. Played Themselves in "Toast of the Town" in 1948. Played Singing Puppet Act in "Toast of the Town" in 1948. Played Themselves, Puppet Act in "The Colgate Comedy Hour" in 1950. Played Themselves in "The George Gobel Show" in 1954. Played Themselves in "The Martha Raye Show" in 1954. Played Puppets in "Max Liebman Presents: Big Time" in 1955. Played Themselves in "The Walter Winchell Show" in 1956. Played Themselves in "Tonight Starring Jack Paar" in 1957. Played Themselves in "The Garry Moore Show" in 1958. Played Themselves in "The Dick Clark Show" in 1958.

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that depends icp might do a dark lotus tour. They might just relese there album the return f the dark carnival supposed to be droping but shags cant get his act togetha so dark lotus is what i am expecting!!! Some time in September hit us with return of the dark carnival then hallowicked! WOOWOO- THE ALMIGHTY KNOWLEDGE OF THE CARNIVAL IS IN ME

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I can" recall any- maybe you are thinking of animated Robots who sometimes accomnpanied Jazz pianist ( Ragtime- high speed stuff) Jo-Ann Castle. Tiger Rag, that sort of thing. Puppets were used on the Ed Sullivan show ( notably Topo Gigio) and as a sort of side act on many variety shows-- the Muppets for example. But they were not used on Lawrence Welk. The only non-musical act was the monolog artist Aladdin.

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Puppetry has been around for centuries! Using puppet play helps children to learn important social skills - small children, especially, are not good at putting themselves in someone else's place. Seeing puppets act out a situation helps them to learn how others might think or feel. Using puppets also helps them to act out their thoughts and feelings.

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