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Well, from my pov last year, the most popular anime for me is Soul Eater.

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Q: What was the most popular anime in 2009?
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What are the most popular anime figurines sold online?

There are many different kinds of anime figures that are popular to be sold online today. Most of the popular figurines are from currently popular anime series such as Pokemon and Sword Art Online.

Do most teens watch anime?

Yes, most of them do. Anime if popular among children and teens.

What is the hottest anime right now?

The most popular Anime as of now has to be either Naruto or Bleach.

Can you get a certain anime song on itunes?

depends on how popular the anime is most of the time i say from experience

Is Bleach the most popular anime?

I don't think so but it extremely popular

What is the 5 famous anime?

Going with myanimelist's most popular anime rankings. In descending order the five most popular anime are: Death Note,Sword Art Online,Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Code Geass.

What is the most popular japanese anime?

Most of us will agree that the best Japanese anime ever is One Piece, created by Oda.

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What is the most popular English dub anime in the world?


What is the number one anime on anime crazy?

naruto->one piece->bleach

What where the name of japanese-style cartoons?

There are several types of theatre in Japan but the most popular are: Kabuki, Noh, & Bunraku.

What is the most popular TV show in JAPAN?

One piece (anime)