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Q: What was the moral in hotel transylvania the movie?
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Is Hotel Transylvania a Disney Movie?

No. The Hotel Transylvania franchise is created by Sony Pictures Animation.

What movie has to do with a hotel and vampires?

Hotel Transylvania

Where does the movie hotel Transylvania take place?

Transylvania, Romania.

Is the movie Hotel Transylvania on DVD yet?


What is the name of the girl in the movie hotel transylvania?


Where can I watch hotel Transylvania 2 free full movie online?

movie tube

Is hotel transylvania a movie or tv show?

It's an animated film.

How do you spell hotel transforvania in the movie?

The 2012 animated movie was "Hotel Transylvania" (named for the stereotypical homeland of vampires since the time of Dracula).

When was Hotel Transylvania created?

Hotel Transylvania was created on 2012-09-28.

What was the Production Budget for Hotel Transylvania?

The Production Budget for Hotel Transylvania was $85,000,000.

Is hotel transylvania 2 out of theaters yet?

Yes, Hotel Transylvania is now on DVD.

When does Hotel Transylvania open in theaters?

Hotel Transylvania opens in theaters on September 28, 2012.