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Probably about 12-15

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Q: What was the lead singer of green day's age when he recorded his second song?
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What is green days singers?

Billy Joe Armstrong and mike dirnt as the back-in singer

What is the singer of green days name?

He's Called Billie Joe Armstrong and TBH... he's fit..

Who performs the song 'Those Were The Days'?

"Those Were the Days" is a song first recorded in the 1920's by Georgian singer, Tamara Tserteli and then Russian singer, Alexender Vertinsky. However, Mary Hopkin reported an English version that was popular in the United States and United Kingdom in 1968.

Who is green days acoustic gutiarist?

Billie Joe Armstrong is the lead guitarist and singer on the recordings, but live usually Billie plays acoustic guitar or Jason White does.

When was Days on the Green created?

Days on the Green was created in 1973.

What is green days band members real names?

Billie Joe Armstrong (lead singer-guitar) Tre' Cool (Frank Edwin Wright III) (drummer, back up singer) Mike Dirnt (Michael Ryan Pritchard) (bass guitar, back up singer) Jason White Jason Freese

What is the singer's name in the band Three Days Grace?

The singer's name is Adam Gontier.

What is Doris Days occupation?

Doris Day is a/an *Actress *singer *activist

Did Selena quintanilla want to be a singer?

she was a singer and she died at 23 couple days before her birthday

Was there ever a different lead singer for Three Days Grace before Adam Gontier?

No, Adam Gontier was always the lead singer.

How old is the lead singer of nine days?


Is the lead singer of Three Days Grace Mexican?