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in my opinion the greatest episode is who's the best soldier

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Q: What was the greatest episode of Kenny vs Spenny ever?
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Will Kenny ever really die?

No. Kenny dies in the episode Kenny Dies (episode 13, season 5), but he was only gone temporarily. He returned at the very end of the episode Red Sleigh Down (episode 17, season 6).It was explained in the episode Coon vs. Coon and Friends(episode 13, season 14) that Kenny never actually dies. Whenever he dies, he is reborn almost instantly.

Why did Kenny off south park mum and dad have another baby?

Every time Kenny dies, his parents have another baby. This is Kenny being reborn over and over, because Kenny can't ever really die. This is explained in the episode Coon vs. Coon and Friends (episode 13, season 14).In the episode Cartman Joins NAMBLA (episode 5, season 4), Kenny's parents are expecting a baby while Kenny is still alive, which troubles him greatly, and he attempts to give his mother an abortion. However, once Kenny dies later on in the episode, the baby is born as Kenny.

What is the greatest adventures in odyssey episode?

The episode "Plan B: Colision Course" is the best episode ever! It's part of the Novacom saga, which is the coolest saga ever!

Has Kenny ever been killed by his friends?

Yes, Kenny is inadvertantly killed by Stan, Kyle and Cartman several times but directly when Kyle chainsaws Kenny in half in the episode Pinkeye from season 1

Who is the greatest all time black preacher?

KENNY BALDWIN He has been preaching since he was 9 years old and is the best preacher I have ever heard, I dont care if he is black, white, brown whatever. Brother Kenny is by far the greatest black preacher ever. Look up Kenny Baldwin ' Dont take nothing from Sodom' Sermon and listen to it.

What is the name of the simpsons episode in israel?

Season 21 - 16 - The Greatest Story Ever Doh'ed

Does Kenny die in every episode of southpark?

Kenny from South Park dies a lot. But in the episode "Kenny Dies" Season 5,he really dies because of a muscle disease. He has been off air after this episode for about 2 months. He then came back in season 7. After Season 7,Kenny only dies numerous times. One of the only episodes he doesn't die is "A South Park Christmas".

What is all of Kenny Wilson's Albums?

Kenny Wilson Dream: Kenny Wilson Maximum: Kenny Wilson Leftover: Kenny Wilson Around the World: Kenny Wilson Precious Memory: Kenny Wilson Ever Let You Go: Kenny Wilson Stronger:

What is the greatest cartoon ever?

Sponge bob .It is almost the Greatest THE GREATEST SHOW EVER!!

Is Sponge Bob the greatest show ever?

Not ever, but definitely one of the greatest ever.

Who was the greatest rebel that was ever in Virginia?

greatest rebel there ever was in Virginia

How does Kenny get his powers south park?

Because everytime Kenny died, his parents gave birth to him again. That's what my brother said happened when he was watching.In one of the newest episode we learn that kenny's parents were in a cult that worships Cthulhu and that everytime he dies hes born again and no one remembers.Because according to season 14 episode 12, "Mysterion Rises" Kenny is dressed up as a super hero, and revels that he cannot die. He went on to say that he has died countless times, sometimes seeing a bright light and seeing heaven or hell. But then he wakes up in his bed the next morning with his cloths on, and no one ever remembers him dying at school when they see him the next day.