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Love Cosmetic Eau de Love Perfume...

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Q: What was the fragrance commercial that featured the song wear your love like heaven?
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What commercial featured its delightful its delicious?

it was the Kohl's commercial. it was sort of like: "its delightful, its delicious, its delovely...."

Who sings the song just like heaven in the Chase commercial?

The Cure

What make and model automobile is featured in the DuPont car care commercial?

I would like to knwo too? The commercial's video is here:

What is that song they play on that Reese's commercial that has something to do with Heaven?

The song is called "Feels Like Heaven" its from the '80's and its by the group Fiction Factory

Why you feel everything fragrance like spinach fragrance?


What is difference between aroma and fragrance?

fragrance is a bit like perfume.

What is a fragrance designer?

i think , fragrances designer is who did made that fragrance. like brands

Is elnett fragrance free hair spray free of all fragrance including masking fragrance?

Yes it smells like nothing.

What is the song in the Richard Simmons yogurt commercial?

I am thinking it is Bonnie Pointer's "Heaven Must Have Sent You" but I am not sure but that is what it sounds like to me.

What is the adjective for fragrance?

Let's just say that fragrance is a french word...

What does the Christian Dior fragrance Dune smell like?

The website Perfume Shrine gives a review of the fragrance as 'warmed up sand'. The Christian Dior fragrance Dune is also said to be a dry fragrance by Perfume Shrine.

What fragrance does the Clinique Happy Heart perfume come in?

The Clinique Happy Heart perfume is a chypre floral fragrance and is not overpowering like some perfumes. Later on Clinique made a mandarin and cucumber fragrance as well as a citrusy fragrance.