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"RoboCop" (1987). Stars peter Weller, Nancy Allen.

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Q: What was the first robocop movie called?
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Did they ever make a 'Robocop 4'?

There is a mini-series called "Robocop: Prime Directives" that was made after the popular trilogy. However- that is not an official sequel. So there is no fourth movie to the series. The next Robocop movie to be made will be a remake.

Who wrote the screenplay for the movie Robocop?

Robocop was written by Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner.

Did Michael Douglas play a role in robocop?

Yes. He was the very first Robocop.

When was the movie 'Robocop' released in theaters?

July 17, 1987

Who played Robocop in the movies?

Peter Weller is best remembered as the actor who played the cyborg cop. He returned to do the role in "RoboCop 2"- but turned down the role for "RoboCop 3" which went to Robert John Burke.

How many robocop movies are there?

"RoboCop" (1987) "RoboCop 2" (1990) "RoboCop 3" (1993) "RoboCop" As of 2011, scheduled for release in 2013.

Who directed the first Robocop film?

Paul Verhoeven

What is the promo code in robocop?

Who cares? because robo cop is a bad movie

Was there ever a 'Robocop 4'?

There was a mini-series called "Robocop: Prime Directives" that premiered after the three films were already made- but it is not considered an official sequel.

Was Star Wars and robocop both tv show is before being in the movies?

I don't know about robocop, but star wars was first a movie. It just recently was turned into a animated series, but that is completely different from the movies, since it takes place between episodes 2 and 3.

When was RoboCop created?

In the 1988 novelization of the movie, a clue is given as follows: a news report states that Sylvester Stallone has died after a failed head transplant at the age of ninety-seven, but his latest movie "Rambo - the Old Blood" will be released soon. This would place the year Robocop is set in as 2043 or 2044 (actually, it makes sense given the technological level seen in the film (half-human cyborgs, ect.) However, in the mini-series Robocop: Prime Directives, Murphy's gravestone gives the year of his death as 1992, suggesting that the first film is set in 1992 & 1993.

What is the duration of RoboCop?

The duration of RoboCop is 1.7 hours.