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Degrassi the show that come on teen nick

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Q: What was the first TV show Drake starred in?
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What is the first show Eric Estrada starred in?

The first show eric estrada starred in was a cop action show named CHiPs. He actually had his first ever television appearance in 1973 on the show hawaii five-0

Who was the first black person who starred in his own TV show?

nat king cole

How old was Miley Cyrus when she starred in TV show Doc?

she was 12 years old when she started her first show.

What was the title of the first television series Bill Cosby starred in as a main character?

The Cosby Show

On what television show did Amanda Bynes first star in?

Amanda Bynes has starred in many tv shows in her career. The first show she was in was called The Amanda Show. She made her debut on her own show and it provided comedy.

What TV shows has Tara Ried starred in?

One of the TV shows that Tara Reid has starred in is the TV show called Saved by the Bell: New Class. Another TV show that Tara Reid has starred in is the show Days of our Lives.

Who starred in the tv show Run's House?

The TV show Run's House starred the rapper Joseph Simmons. It also starred members of his family including his wife and children. The show ran between 2005 and 2009.

Who is the first Hispanic to star in his own tv show?

The first person to have their own TV Show was George Lopez. Freddie Prinze starred in "Chico and the Man" 1974-1978 when he committed suicide.

Is drake and josh Carly brother?

Miranda Cosgrove played Megan on the show Drake and Josh. In the show, Drake and Josh are her brothers. In the show iCarly she plays the character Carly. Drake and Josh are not in that show. iCarly and Drake and Josh are separate tv shows. These characters are not related to each other.

Who starred on the TV show Felicity?

Keri Russell

Who starred on the TV show Matlock?

Andy Griffith.

What television show starred Kiefer Sutherland?