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do it again

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Q: What was the Steely dan hit of 1972?
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When was Steely Dan created?

Steely Dan was created in 1972.

Who was the Lead vocalist for steely dan and do it again?

The lead vocalist for Steely Dan is Donald Fagen. He sang Do It Again from the 1972 album Can't Buy A Thrill.

What date was Do it Again a hit?

steely dan-June 1973

When did Steely Dan end?

Steely Dan ended in 1981.

Who wrote the hit song hey nineteen?

Jeff Baxter from Steely Dan.

When was the song Do It Again by Steely Dan released?

The song Do It Again by Steely Dan was first originally released in November 1972. This was a single from the album Can't Buy A Thrill and it reached number 6 on the US Charts.

When was Do It Again by Steely Dan released?

Do It Again by Steely Dan was released in 1972 on the album Can't Buy a Thrill. It reached number six on the United State's charts in 1973, making it their second highest charting single.

Who recorded the hit single Rikki Don't Lose That Number in 1974?

Steely Dan

When was Citizen Steely Dan created?

Citizen Steely Dan was created on 1993-12-14.

When was A Decade of Steely Dan created?

A Decade of Steely Dan was created on 1985-01-01.

What is the name of the double-platinum album with hit songs Peg and Deacon Blues?

Steely Dan - Aja

Is there a Steely Dan Greatest Hits CD?

Yes. Steely Dan released a greatest hits album in 1978. It includes many Steely Dan favorites, including Here At The Western World, an unreleased song.