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The lullaby for Bella in the Twilight movie is the song "Bella's Lullaby". You can buy it on iTunes or buy the movie soundtrack.

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Q: What was the Lullaby for Bella in the Movie Twilight?
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In the movie Twilight what is the song playing when they are in the tree?

its Bella's lullaby

Who plays the piano part in the Bella's Lullaby official not River Flows In You from Twilight?

ANSWERCarter Burwell. He wrote the 'bella's lullaby' that you hear during the movie Twilight.

What song plays on the website of twilight the movie?

Part of Bella's Lullaby

Was Ball's Lullaby supposed to be river flow in you?

Before the Twilight movie came out, people kept saying that The River Flows In You by Yiruma was the Bella's lullaby in the movie. That is unfortunetaly(?) not true, the Bella's lullaby in the movie was composed by Carter Burwell.

What is the name of the song Robert Pattinson played on the piano in the movie Twilight?

Bella's Lullaby.

How do you get Bella's Lullaby on iTunes?

The only way to download it is to buy the Twilight Movie Soundtrack.

How long is Bella's lullaby?

'Bella's Lullaby' on the Twilight Soundtrack goes for 2:20 minutes.

After Bella meets Edwards family when they are in the woods what is that song playing on the piano?

The song is Bella's lullaby by carter burwell or the twilight score or twilight soundtrack =) The song is Bella's lullaby by carter burwell or the twilight score or twilight soundtrack =)

Did Robert Pattinson write Bella's Lullaby?

No he didn't, Robert Pattinson did however sing two tracks for the movie. Bella's Lullaby was written by Carter Burwell-- who also wrote all of the instrumentals for twilight the movie.

What was the song piano song played in the movie twilight?

It is called Bella's lullaby. It is very pretty song.

Is river flows in you in twilight?

No it isn't. The song used in the movie was Bella's Lullaby composed by Carter Burwell.

Who sing's the song in twilight 1 Bella's lullaby?

In twilight, the song 'Bella's Lullaby' is a piano piece and has no accompanying vocals. The piece was composed by Carter Burwell.

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