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On March 2, 1917, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Jones-Shafroth Act. This law gave Puerto Ricans U.S. citizenship. The Jones Act separated the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of Puerto Rican government, provided civil rights to the individual, and created a locally elected bicameral legislature. The two houses were a Senate consisting of 19 members and a 39-member House of Representatives. However, the Governor and the President of the United States had the power to veto any law passed by the legislature. Also, the United States Congress had the power to stop any action taken by the legislature in Puerto Rico. The U.S. maintained control over fiscal and economic matters and exercised authority over mail services, immigration, defense and other basic governmental matters.

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Q: What was the Jones Act of 1917?
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Who did the Jones act of 1917 give citizenship to?

TheJones Act of 1917 gave citizenship to Puerto Ricans

Puerto Ricans became US citizens as a result of the what?

The 1917 Jones Act.

What law gave Puerto Ricans American citizenship in 1917?

The Jones Act.

The law giving US citizenship to the residents of Puerto Rico was the?

The Jones Act of 1917.

A 1917 law gave Puerto Ricans?

It was the Jones Act that gave them the right of citizenship.

What did a 1917 law give Puerto Rico?

Jones-Shafroth Act gave them U.S. citizenship .

What changes did the 1917 Jones Act bring to Puerto Ricans?

The Jones Act granted citizenship to Puerto Ricans Citizens, set up a bicameral legislature and an executive branch with an appointed governor. In 1948 the Jones Act was amended to allow for an elected governor.

What year did people in Puerto Rico gain US citizenship?

In 1917, the Jones Act granted Puerto Ricans U.S. citizenship and provided for a popularly elected Senate to complete a bicameral Legislative Assembly, a bill of rights and authorized the election of a Resident Commissioner to a four year term. As a result of their new U.S. citizenship, many Puerto Ricans were drafted into World War I and all subsequent wars with U.S. participation in which a national military draft was in effect.

What are the release dates for Broadway Jones - 1917?

Broadway Jones - 1917 was released on: USA: 2 April 1917

What are the release dates for Jones Keeps House - 1917?

Jones Keeps House - 1917 was released on: USA: 8 January 1917

What are the release dates for Jones's Jonah Day - 1917?

Jones's Jonah Day - 1917 was released on: USA: 5 May 1917

What act declared Puerto Rico to be US territory and all Puerto Ricans US citizens?

The 1917 Jones Act designated Puerto Ricans as US Citizens.