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It varied from year to year, as they made more records and collected increasing amounts of royalties. Lennon and McCartney earned the most, as the band's chief songwriters; Harrison earned less, and Starr earned less than that, having written the least number of the band's songs.

Starr began his Beatles days at a salary of £25 per week, during a trial period, then became a full member of the band. Even after this, he still collected the £25 every week; he used it for cigarettes and ready cash.

Apple Corps became a financial sinkhole after its founding; Lennon estimated at one point in 1969 that he was "down to my last £50,000" in personal assets. The Beatles' homes were owned by their company, as a tax shelter.

They were millionares in 1964. making maybe 4 million a year maybe more
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Q: What was the Beatles' salary annually?
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