What was selenas first song?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I do believe her first song is Head First.

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probably the song that goes, "oh oh oh it's magic"

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Q: What was selenas first song?
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What was selenas quintanillas first song?

Bails Esta Cumbis was her first song.

What was selenas best song?


What is selenas first song ever?

her first song was every thing is not what i seems _____ edit: no its not ... it was made when she joined wizards as much as i know its "shake it up" or "redlight"

What is Selenas favorite song?

i got u

Who was selenas first boy friend?

Justin beiber

What is Selenas most recent song?

Her most recent song was, "Who Says" which was released as a music video on March 11, 2011 in the USA.

What song was made by the kumbia kings with selenas voice dubbed in after her death?

Baila esta cumbia

What Was Selenas First Movie?

spy kids game over

What is selenas second favorite color?

her first favorite color is light pink her second one is red

What is Selenas favorite song by Justin?

she says it was up or like stuck in the moment and it changes every week

Who wrote Selenas songs?

she did

What is selenas first movie?

i think it was Spy kids 3-D Game Over (2003). I hope this helps you!