What was life like for the newsies?

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life sukk it wasnt fair that little kids have to life like that

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2008-11-29 18:11:58
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Q: What was life like for the newsies?
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Could Girls be Newsies?

yes, there were girl newsies

What is the duration of Newsies?

The duration of Newsies is 2.02 hours.

What were newsies?

newsies were news boys back in the 1800s

Who are newsies?

Newsies are what they used to call boys who sold the newspapers.

When was Newsies created?

Newsies was created on 1992-04-10.

Is the newsies the movie a Broadway?

No. Newsies was a movie first, and has not been on Broadway.

What do the newsies decide to do to fight Pulitzer?

The newsies decide to go on strike.

How did the newsies become newsies?

They're new boys.They got a Job as newboy.

In the movie newsies what governor helps the newsies?

Theodore roosevelt before he was president

What actors and actresses appeared in Newsies - 1992?

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How old was Christian Bale when he did the movie Newsies?

He was 17 during the filming of Newsies in 1991.

How old was Gabriel Damon when he played in Newsies?

How old was Gabriel Damon when he played in Newsies

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