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Gollum comes from people similar to hobbits. Before he became addicted to the ring, he was a simple person who liked fishing.
Gollum was a hobbit living on the banks of the Anduin. He was a very good fisher and was very deft and cunning even then.

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Q: What was gollum like before finding the ring?
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What detail about his adventures woth gollum did Bilbo leave out when he told the dwarves the story?

He left out the finding of the ring, the fact that he at any point turned invisible, and later told them the ring was a present, and that he had it before he met Gollum.

How does gollum get ring from Frodo at the end?

Gollum takes the Ring from Frodo by biting off the finger bearing the Ring.

What is the other name of Smeagol In the film Lord of the Rings?

Gollum. The name was given to him by his relatives, due to the "gollum" noise he made in his throat.

Why doesn't Bilbo become obsessed with the ring like Gollum did?

Well, but he did!

Who is Deagol that Gollum took the ring from?

He is Smeagol's (gollum's) cousin.

How did Gollum become gollum?

gollum's real name is Smeagol. he was once a hobbit like creature. but he was consumed by the power of the ring. upon acquiring it, he barely sleeps and eat and he suddenly hated the sunlight.

What did Frodo lose just before finally getting rid of the ring in The Lord of the Rings?

His finger. Gollum bit it off to get the ring.

What question does Bilbo ask that gollum cannot answer?

Bilbo asks Gollum "What's in my pocket" (the Ring) and Gollum cannot answer.

What guess has Gollum made?

Gollum guesses that Bilbo has found his magic ring.

Where is gollum on Lord of the Rings bfme2?

It depends if Gollum is included in option. If you want him, before starting the game check "Ring Heroes ALLOWED". Then Gollum will be somewhere on map. He is usually hiding and sneaking around. If you meant Gollum as a Hero, you need special map or mod.

How does Gollum refer to his ring?

His precious

What is the name of the Lord of the Rings tree creature?

His name was Gollum and he was a Hobbit that was corrupted by the magic of the ring that he carried for the extended period of time before it fell to the hands of Frodo and the Fellowship of the Ring.