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Ed Asner played the role of WJM-TV news producer Lou Grant

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Q: What was ed asner's name in the Mary tyler Moore show?
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What was Mary tyler Moore's name on her show?

Mary Tyler Moore's role was that of Laura Petrie .

Who is Mary from the Mary tyler Moore show?

The character's name is Mary Richards, but she's played by Mary tyler Moore.

Famous people with the name Mary?

Mary Tyler Moore

Is Tyler Moore Washington Nationals related to Mary Tyler Moore?

No. Washington Nationals carry the name of Tyler Moore, baseball outfielder.

What is rhoda's last name on Mary tyler Moore?


Is steven Tyler and Mary Tyler Moore related?

nope. not in any way whatsoever. his birth name is Steven Victor Tallarico.

On the Mary Tyler Moore Show what was Rhoda's last name. Morgenstern.?


What was Georgia's whole name on the Mary Tyler Moore show?

Georgette Franklin

In the Mary Tyler Moore show what was the name of phyllis's husband?

Dr. Lars Lindstrom

What was the name of the cat that represented MTM aka Mary Tyler Moore Enterprises?

The cat's name was Mimsie the Cat .

What is the reason or origin for Mary being given the middle name Tyler in Mary Tyler Moore?

It was her middle name, and I read that she decided to use it when she registered with Actor's Equity, since there were already a couple of other Mary Moores on the list.

On the Mary Tyler Moore Show what was Rhodas last name?

When she was single, her last name was Morgenstern.