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to get a wife, meat pamela anderson, sexy times

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Q: What was borat purpose in the movie borat?
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What is the name of Borat Sagdiyev's partner in the 2006 movie Borat?

Azamat Bagatov

Where can one watch movie clips from Borat?

Through doing some research, one can clarify that there are multiple movie clips from the movie Borat located on the YouTube website. There is also a website called Best Of Borat.

What is Barack Obama's fave movie?


What is a misconception on Kazakhstan?

Everything in the movie Borat.

What is the best men's running pants?

The ManKini created my Borat, Satcha Baron Cohen, worn in the movie Borat.

What movie says very nice high five?

Movie is Borat

In the movie Borat Cultural Learnings of America what is Borat's occupation?

Journalist An unintentionally funny Russian doctor that Sacha Baron Cohen once met is the basis of the character of Borat.

What movie rating is Borat?

Borat is Rated R for pervasive strong crude and sexual content including graphic nudity, and language.

Can one find a copy of the trailer for the movie Borat on the web?

Anyone is able to find a copy of the trailer for Borat on the internet. Since this movie is not as recent as others you can go on your video web streaming sites and many would have this trailer if you simply searched "Borat Trailer".

What is the name of the guy who plays borat?

Sacha Barron Cohen is the actor who played Borat in the movie Borat. He was recently in the movie "les miserables." Before Borat he was did some some interviews as a character Ali G.

Where can the Borat movie be purchased on DVD?

One can purchase the 'Borat' movie on DVD from Amazon either new or a used copy from Amazon Marketplace. One can also buy it from Best Buy, eBay and Walmart.

What was the name of Borat's partner in the 2006 movie Borat?

The character's name is Azamat, and he was played by Ken Davitian. See the Related Link below for more information about the film.