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Q: What was William like as a ruler?
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What did king William do?

King William I Was a Ruler Of great Britain in The Medieval Times. King William I Was a Ruler Of great Britain in The Medieval Times.

Who did William the conquerer replace as ruler of England?

William the Conqueror, or William I, was the first Norman ruler of England. He defeated Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 to become king.

Who was Prussia's first ruler?

The answer is William the 7th from Mongolia.

Which ruler institutionalized feudalism in Europe?

William the Conqueror who was crowned King William I of England

The French ruler who invaded and ruled over England after 1066 was?

William the Conqueror

Which Norman ruler conquered England in 1066?

William of Normandy.

Mary was the wife of a Dutch Protestant ruler.?

William of Orange. (:

What was the ruler look like in the past?

A ruler

Who was the first ruler in the tempest by William shakespeare?

King Napple , I Believe

What ruler of normand became king England?

William Duke of Normandy.

What does .39 inch look like on a ruler?

where is .39 on a ruler

Who ruled the Normans?

The ruler of the Normans was Duke William II. He was later known as William the Conqueror after his defeat of Harold Godwinson in 1066.