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Buying Oranges.

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Q: What was Vito Corleone doing when he was shot?
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In the Godfather which of Vito Corleone's sons is with him when he gets shot?


Is Vito Corleone single?

No, Vito Corleone is not single.

What was Vito Corleone's real last name?

vito Andolini

When was Vito Corleone created?

Michael Corleone was created in 1969.

Does Vito Corleone have kids?

Yes, Vito Corleone has 1916 kids.

How many kids does Vito Corleone have?

Vito Corleone has 1916 children

How many children does Vito Corleone have?

Vito Corleone has 1916 children

Who is more famous stewie griffin or vito corleone?

Vito Corleone

What is Vito Corleone's occupation?

Vito Corleone is a/an Olive oil importerCrime boss

Where was vito corleone born?

Corleone, Italy.

What town was vito corleone from?

Corleone.. When he comes to America, his last name is changed.

Who plays Don Vito Corleone in Godfaher?

Vito Corleone -> Marlon Brando Michael Corleone -> Al Pacino Santino Corleone -> James Caan