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Please Please me.

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Q: What was The Beatles fist hit?
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Is telstar a hit from The Beatles?


What was the 1 hit song by the Beatles in 1968?

"Hey Jude" by the Beatles was the number 1 hit song for 1968.

What group sang the hit Eight Days a Week?

The Beatles, from Beatles for Sale.

How old is Iron Fist?

an iron fist is when someone puts metal on their fist and then uses it to fight. (P.S.... it hurts if you get hit by it.

Who had a hit in America with Magical Mystery Tour?

The Beatles ___________________________________________________ It was covered by other artists including Ambrosia and Cheap Trick, but only the Beatles had a hit with it.

What was the beatles 2 hit?

hit me baby one more time

What was the Beatles hit Blank Rigby?

The name of the hit was "Eleanor Rigby"

Beatles first UK hit?

Love Me do.

When was Beatles first hit?

December 1962

What was beatles greatest hit in America?

She Loves You

How do you hit a speed bag?

use the back of your fist and hit it in a wheel motion

Who has had more hit singles take that or beatles?

The Beatles have sold more records than anyone else.