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Harry was going through his trunk and took out a box of chocolate cauldrons that Romilda Vane had given him. It was Ron's 17th birthday and he had been opening gifts. He thought the chocolate cauldrons were a gift and ate them. Unfortunately, they were full of an aged love potion and Ron fell under the enchantment. Harry took Ron up to Horace Slughorn's office to get an antidote. After he is cured, Slughorn gave Ron a glass of mead. The mead was intended for Dumbledore and had been poisoned(The Mead was made by Draco Malfoy). Harry found a bezoar in the office and used it to save Ron.

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It was Ronald's birthday and as he was unpacking his presents, he found Harry's box of chocolate which had been spiked with a love potion by Romilda Vane. When Ron ate then, he became enchanted and Harry took him to Professor Slughorn.

Ron was given an antidote. Professor Slughorn gave Harry and Ron mead and Ron took it. The mead had been poisoned by Draco Malfoy who wanted to kill Albus Dumbledore. Ron was poisoned and Harry found a bezoar in Professor Slughorn's office and saved Ron's life.

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Q: What was Ron Weasley poisoned by?
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