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Benjamin Matlock was the name on the TV show.

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Q: What was Matlock's first name on the TV show Matlock?
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Where did name matlock for show come from?

Because It was Filmed in Matlock Derbyshire.

Who starred on the TV show Matlock?

Andy Griffith.

What show of the 1980s featured Andy Griffith as a lawyer from atlanta?

Matlock .

Is there a Baxter university?

Yes in Honduras. But not in Atlanta, GA. On the TV show, Matlock, its fictional.

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Free matlock episodes?

Matlock was a popular crime show which was featured on ABC television. You can catch free full episodes on websites such as This website features all 9 seasons which can be viewed at no cost.

Does Andy Griffith receive residuals for the Andy Griffith Show?

Oh yeah! Lot's of it. He created the show Matlock, was executive producer, and the star.

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