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Kathy Bates' name in "Misery" was Annie Wilkes.

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Q: What was Kathy bates last name in misery?
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Kathy Bates, actress

What is the birth name of Kathy Bates?

Kathy Bates's birth name is Kathleen Doyle Bates.

Is Kathy bates middle name master?

Kathy Bates does not have the middle name Master. Her middle name is Doyle, which was once her maiden name. Kathy Bates hails from Memphis, Tennessee.

What is the name of Kathy Bates' character in the movie Misery?

James Caan plays the unlucky writer Paul Sheldon in the movie version of Stephen King's Misery (1990).

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cuz she wanted to

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Shelton and Hiram's last name in the book "Virals" by Kathy Reichs is Norwell. Shelton and Hiram Norwell are supporting characters in the novel.

What does the last name bates mean?

it means brave soldier mighty warrior

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Kathy Sabine was married to Scott Crawford, a home builder but sadly they have gotten divorced.

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