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He discovered the mammalian egg

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Q: What was Karl Von Baer Contribution To Fields To Biology?
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Why is contribution Karl Enrst von baer is still important till today?

becasue for Jack Hudson's father

Who is the father of modern embryology?

The father of modern embryology is considered to be Karl Ernst von Baer. Baer made significant contributions to the field by establishing the basic principles of embryology and developmental biology. His work laid the foundation for our understanding of how embryos develop and grow.

When was Karl M. Baer born?

Karl M. Baer was born in 1885.

When did Karl M. Baer die?

Karl M. Baer died in 1956.

What is Karl Ernst von Baer's birthday?

Karl Ernst von Baer was born on February 17, 1792.

When was Karl Ernst von Baer born?

Karl Ernst von Baer was born on February 17, 1792.

How old was Karl Ernst von Baer at death?

Karl Ernst von Baer died on November 26, 1876 at the age of 84.

How old is Karl Ernst von Baer?

Karl Ernst von Baer was born on February 17, 1792 and died on November 26, 1876. Karl Ernst von Baer would have been 84 years old at the time of death or 223 years old today.

How did Karl Ernst von Baer die?

An Internet search did not reveal the cause of his death, but on November 28, 1876, Karl Ernst von Baer died peacefully in his bed.

Who discovered the female human egg and when?

Karl Ernst von Baer in 1828.

What has the author Karl H Schutte written?

Karl H. Schutte has written: 'The biology of the trace elements'

Who coined the term biology in 1800?

Karl Friedrich Burdach