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Q: What was Jose Francisco Ruiz famous for?
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What is the birth name of Jose Ruiz III?

Jose Ruiz III's birth name is Jose Herminio Ruiz III.

When was Jose ruiz born?

Jose Imaz-Ruiz was born on 1974-05-30.

When was Jose Imaz-Ruiz born?

Jose Imaz-Ruiz was born on 1974-05-30.

When did Francisco Antonio Ruiz die?

Francisco Antonio Ruiz died in 1876.

When was Francisco María Ruiz born?

Francisco María Ruiz was born in 1754.

When was Francisco Ruiz-Tagle born?

Francisco Ruiz-Tagle was born in 1790.

When did José Francisco Ruiz die?

José Francisco Ruiz died in 1840.

When was José Francisco Ruiz born?

José Francisco Ruiz was born in 1783.

What famous artists come from Costa Rica?

Dina Molina Lawson Francisco Amighetti Ruiz

When was Francisco Aparicio y Ruiz born?

Francisco Aparicio y Ruiz was born in 1852.

When was Francisco Olvera Ruiz born?

Francisco Olvera Ruiz was born on 1956-06-15.

When did Francisco Ruiz de Castro die?

Francisco Ruiz de Castro died in 1637.