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David Livingston's mother was Agnes Livingston.

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Q: What was David Livingston mother called?
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When was Dr. David S. Livingston House created?

Dr. David S. Livingston House was created in 1889.

What did David livingston discover?

Victoria Falls, the Nile, tabloid medicines,

Where and when did David Livingston died?


Who discovered the zambezi river?

David Livingston

What did David's mother make him do in a child called it?

In "A Child Called It," David's mother forced him to sleep in the basement, starve him, and subjected him to physical and emotional abuse.

Who was elizabeth cady Stanton mother?

Her mothers name was Margaret Livingston Cady.

Who explored Africa's Victoria falls in 1855?

David Livingston

Where did Dr David livingston go to school?

In Scotland.

Why did david livingston explore the interior of afric?

David Livingstone was a Doctor and a missionary from Scotland, he worked for many years in Africa and died there. The press reporter called Morten Stanley to try and find him, which he did.

How did David Pelzer mother abused him?

He writes about it in A Child Called It

What actors and actresses appeared in Jonathan Livingston Seagull - 1973?

The cast of Jonathan Livingston Seagull - 1973 includes: Philip Ahn as Chang Richard Crenna as Father James Franciscus as Jonathan Livingston Seagull Kelly Harmon as Kimmy Hal Holbrook as The Elder David Ladd as Fletcher Lynd Seagull Dorothy McGuire as Mother Juliet Mills as The Girl

What was the solution of the child called it?

Officer Smith rescues David from his horrible mother and David is , for now, free.