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The Movie Stomp the Yard

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Q: What was Chris browns first acting job?
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What was Taylor Lautners first acting job?

Taylor lautners first acting job was shark boy and lava girl

Julie Andrews first job was?

her first job was acting though it was unpaid.

How tall is Jason Bateman and when was his first acting job?

Jason Bateman 5'0 for his first acting job on Little House on The Praire. And he is currently 5'10.

How do you land your first acting job easily?

Sleep with the director

What year was keke palmer first acting job?


What was James franco's first acting job?

Freaks and Geeks!

What was Jennifer Lopez's first acting job?

New York

When did James Dean first act?

His first acting job was a Pepsi commercial in 1950

What was Chris brown first job?

The Movie Stomp the Yard

What was Marvin Humes first acting job?

On Holby City a Doctor

What was Brandon Jones first acting job?

Brandon Jones first acting job was in the series 90210 where he played the role of an elderly man in the 2009 episode "Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat".

What time did Chris Brown get a job?

he hadnt had 1 b4. he always sanq. it is his first job