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You're off and your friend's waaayyy-off. Here is a quick excerpt from the article, "The Bee Gee & Sandy" from the April 21, 1980 issue of PEOPLE magazine (Vol. 13 / No. 16) --

"He also claims to eat eight or nine eggs a day and to drink a gallon and a half of milk. "I'm a bit of a glutton," Gibb insists, despite his sylphlike 5'6", 128-pound frame and 25-inch waist.

You read that right. He had a 25-inch waist. And a gigantic 5 feet 6 inche. Translation: Andy Gibb was a tiny little guy.

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Q: What was Andy gibb's waist size Settle a bet. I'm betting 27-28 The other bet is 30. Who wins and provide source of information?
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