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At the end of Gattaca, Jerome Eugene Morrow committed suicide. He managed to climb into the furnace where Vincent Freedman had burned his (Vincent's) cells and turned it on, thus killing himself and destroying all evidence that there was more than one Jerome Morrow.

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In pursuit of his ambitions, Vincent allowed Anton to drown instead of rescuing him and potentially jeopardizing his mission.

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he pooped himself trolololol

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Q: What ultimately happened to Anton in gattaca?
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In the movie Gattaca why did Vincent's father name him Vincent Anton rather then Anton?

He refers to Anton Sr. who is Vincents father.When he finds out his first son (Vincent) have a 99% of heart disorder and has 30 years life expectancy, his father regrets that he did not take advantage of the technology (picking superior genes of the parents for the baby) to make is son "more perfect". Therefore, he does not think his disordered baby (Vincent) is worthy of his name, Anton.When they (Anton Sr. and Vincent's Mother) have a second baby and they actually use the technology to make the second son (Anton Jr.) "more perfect", they then name him Anton because that is the "best" genes of the family in their son. They also think that Anton will be more successful so they give him "the superior name".

What is jerome's middle name in gattaca?


In the movie gattaca why was Vincent pretending to be jerome marrow?

Vincent is considered an in-valid. Jerome is a valid. Vincent needed Jerome's genes to work at Gattaca.

What Vincent means by there is no gene for fate during movie Gattaca?

your destiny is not already determined by your genetics, so you have the power to change your fate

What is Vincent's and his brother's favorite game in the movie 'Gattaca'?

Vincent and Anton love playing Chicken, the game where they both swim from shore far out to sea. The first to get scared and swim back would be the loser. Anton always won because Vincent's born an in-Valid, but the last two games they played, Vincent beated Anton because Vincent didn't save any energy left for the swim back. When Anton drowns, Vincent saves him and swims back to shore.

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What was Anton job in gattaca?

vincent worked as a janitor at gattaca.

How did Vincent outswim Anton in Gattaca?

Vincent always strived to be better while Anton simply knew he was better and never tried to improve himself.

In the gattaca movie Describe the relationship between Anton and Vincent?

jerome is a sick name bro! kg

In the movie Gattaca what ultimately happened to Anton?

Answer 1He just carried on with his lifeAnswer 2Shortly after Vincent leaves, Anton uses his superior intellect to produce a negative mass effect through quantum tunnelling. With this, he is able to expand and direct nanoscopic wormholes, and forges an FTL gateway to Titan, arriving there months ahead of his brother. He uses this time to set up a strip club with real Titanian girls. When his brother arrives, they have a drink together. Then they carry on with their lives.

What is the duration of Gattaca?

The duration of Gattaca is 1.77 hours.

When was Gattaca created?

Gattaca was created on 1997-10-24.

When was Gattaca released?

Gattaca was released on 10/24/1997.

What was the Production Budget for Gattaca?

The Production Budget for Gattaca was $36,000,000.

Which story idea is more realistic Gattaca or The Island?


Who is eugene in gattaca?

Jude Law as Jerome Eugene Morrow in Gattaca

What are the genetic traits of Vincent and Anton in the movie Gattaca?

Vincent Freeman is conceived and born without the aid of this technology. His parents regret this, and his younger brother, Anton, is conceived with the aid of genetic engineering. Growing up, their father clearly favors Anton, the stronger, taller and more perfect son.

What do you think is wrong with the society portrayed in gattaca?

In the movie entitled Gattaca, the society was portrayed wrongly. It was in such a way that a Gattaca was able to beat the societal system.